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Fixed Operations Consulting

Help unlock your dealership's full potential.

Your team will get the best-in-class training to optimize performance and provide exceptional customer experience.

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We’ve got just the fix for your fixed operations. 

Our team of skilled specialists are ready to work with your team to identify your unique needs and craft a customized solution tailored to your dealership with the goals of:

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Creating exceptional customer experience

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Enhancing customer retention and CSI 

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Increasing fixed operations profitability

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Maintaining compliance, mitigating risks and reducing exposure to warranty chargebacks

Our unique 3-step fixed operations process helps identify your dealership’s specific needs.



We’ll evaluate your dealership’s service operations, interview key team members, identify your business needs and pinpoint improvement opportunities.



You’ll receive a customized proposal based on our findings, complete with details of what we’ll do to help you achieve your fixed ops performance goals.



We’ll engage your service team with either live onsite and/or remote coaching with process training tailored to address the opportunities we identified. We’ll also provide ongoing support and written feedback during our scheduled dealership contacts.  

Tools we customize to fit your needs.

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Warranty reimbursement review

“Warranty-like” repair order analysis focusing on increasing warranty labor and/or parts reimbursement rates from the manufacturer.

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Financial statement analysis

In-depth analysis of fixed operations financial statement focusing on sales, gross profit and expense accounts.

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Warranty consultation services

Warranty expense report and warranty repair order analysis focused on manufacturer warranty compliance and reducing warranty exposure chargebacks that include technicians and management compliance training or audit mitigation.

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Fueled up fixed operations

Best-in-class service management and service advisor training includes 5 modules that focus on the customer experience, service drive process, financial and KPI analysis, and manufacture warranty compliance.

Stats that resonate.

Dealers who worked with Ally’s fixed operations professionals saw improvements in the following areas:


Annual Increase in Overall Combined Labor and Parts Sales Year-over-Year1


Increase in Customer Pay Labor Sales from the Dealer in the First Six Months of the Ally Service Drive Process1


On Average Dealers Have Increased Their Fixed Absorption Ratio by 30 Points1


Increase in Customer Pay Labor/Parts Per Repair Order1

UP TO $29

Average Increase of Effective Labor Rate1


Customer Satisfaction

One dealer’s customer satisfaction index (CSI) score went from 67% to a perfect 100% following Ally’s Exceptional Customer Experience Service Advisor Training 

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1Average results of all dealerships who worked with Ally Fixed Operations consultants across 2022. Actual results may vary by dealer.

Meet your ally.

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Mike Pleshakov

Product Manager
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Robert Brooks

Senior Product Manager
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Allan Brace

Product Manager
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Matt Pozzi

Regional Manager
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Roy Simpson

Senior Consultant
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Scott Szymonik

Senior Consultant
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Abel Rodriguez

Senior Consultant
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Daryl Porter

Senior Consultant
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John Kempel

Senior Consultant
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Heather Bergmann

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Vincent Fabbri

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Contact our Fixed Ops team.

Why wait? Get in touch with an Ally Fixed Operations consultant today. 


But don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs.

Your consultants bring a high level of product knowledge, dedication and commitment to ensuring our stores are fully compliant and trained in the ever-changing manufacturer Policies and Procedures. The end product is delivered in an easy-to-understand format that everyone understands and appreciates.

- Pat Myers, The Boucher Group, Greenfield, WI

The single biggest contribution that Ally has made to our business probably comes down to profitability, but the single most impactful contribution that Ally has made to our business is training.

- Natasha del Barrio, Bert Ogden and Fiesta Auto Group