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Why Refinance

Make your payments work better for you

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    Lower monthly payments.

    Whether you want to switch from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, or just looking to increase your cash flow, refinancing may get you a lower interest rate so you can save money each month.

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    Pay off your loan faster.

    Changing to a shorter term means you pay off your home sooner and lower the total amount of interest you're paying on it.

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    Take cash out.

    If there's equity in your home, taking cash out adds to your mortgage but provides the option to consolidate debt, make home improvements or pay off other expenses.

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Crunch the Numbers

See the difference a new loan can make with our refinance calculator.

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Our Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) are accurate as of NN/NN/NN and can change daily. This information reflects rates for borrowers with excellent credit in the state of California and a $300,000 conventional loan with 20% down for a single-family home in that state. The monthly payment amount we show doesn’t include taxes or insurance and assumes NNN monthly payments for a NN. View Jumbo Loan Options

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Crunch the Numbers

See the difference a new loan can make with our refinance calculator.

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Your Home Team

We're with you every step of the way

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    Dedicated support.

    We provide you with a knowledgeable team of loan experts to help you through the home loan experience, from application to close.

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    Communication options.

    You choose how you'd like to be contacted: by phone or email.

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    Frequent updates.

    We check in with you regularly to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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    Online access.

    Manage all your loan-related documents from any device. It's quick, convenient and secure.

How it Works

Know what to expect ahead of time

  • 1. Meet your Home Team and apply

    Meet your Home Team and apply

    We'll connect you with a team of loan experts who will guide you through the process. This means you'll have a loan advisor, loan coordinator and closing coordinator with you every step of the way. After you reach out, we'll introduce you to a licensed loan advisor who will look at your information and help you decide if if it makes sense to refinance.

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    Our responsibilities

    • Help you understand your options
    • Start your application

    Your responsibilities

    • Be responsive to phone calls from us
    • Know your credit history and financial goals

    It takes 5 minutes to get started. Take the Next Step

  • 2. Submit documents

    Submit documents

    Refinancing comes with a lot of documentation, so you and your loan coordinator will be in close contact during this time. There will be documents you'll need to submit, as well as documents you'll need to review and sign – but we've made this part a little easier by giving you the option to do this all online. What to Prepare

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    Our responsibilities

    • Provide status updates
    • Introduce you to the appraisal company and set up an appointment
    • Review your documents

    Your responsibilities

    • Upload, review and sign documents online
    • Complete application
    • Pay appraisal company

    This usually takes 1-2 weeks, but the faster you get your documents to us, the faster we can finalize approval.

  • 3. Underwriting


    This is when we look at everything you sent us and make a final decision on your loan. Your loan coordinator will provide an update every few days so you'll always know where your loan stands.

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    Our responsibilities

    • Confirm documents and review appraisal
    • Finalize approval
    • Provide rate and loan term options

    Your responsibilities

    • Submit additional documents if needed
    • Lock in your rate if you haven’t already

    It usually takes 2-3 weeks to make sure your documents are accurate and your application is complete.

  • 4. Closing day

    Closing day

    You'll meet with your closing agent to review and sign your closing documents. We'll let you know if anyone else will be joining you as the day gets closer.

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    Our responsibilities

    • Prepare closing documents
    • Confirm your closing date and time
    • Coordinate with title office

    Your responsibilities

    • Review and sign your closing documents
    • Pay closing costs

    Expect to spend 1-2 hours at closing.

  • 5. After you close

    After you close

    We'll let you know within 15 days of closing who will be servicing your loan and where to make future payments. While you won't be paying us directly, the terms of your loan won't ever change and you can always reach out to us if you have any questions.

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