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Loan management at your fingertips.

Enrolling in our Ally Lending online experience puts you in control of your personal loan management. Our easy-to-navigate online experience allows you to manage multiple loans in one place, stay on track with payments, and review account details.

Simple steps to enrollment.

We make enrolling in our user-friendly online experience easy. View your loan statement for instructions on how to set up your online account and log in.  

Stay on top of your payments.

Enroll in automatic payments to eliminate the hassle of keeping up with payment due dates.

Everything you need in one place.

Customize your account settings and personal preferences. Manage your alerts, reminders, and view account details at your convenience.

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Ways to pay

Take advantage of several ways to make your payment.

Ally Lending Online Experience

  • Ally Lending online experience

    Set up one-time or automatic payments.

Bank Bill Pay

  • Pay using your bank's bill pay feature.

    Make sure you have your payment amount and account number on hand to set up a bill payment through your bank. When asked for a payment address, you can have your payments sent to:

    Ally Lending
    PO Box 653074
    Dallas, TX 75265-3074

By mail

  • By Mail

    Use the coupon and return envelope provided in your monthly statement, or mail a check with your 16-digit account number in the subject line to:

    Ally Lending

    PO Box 653074

    Dallas, TX 75265-3074

By phone

  • By Phone

    Call 1-888-568-0186 to pay by phone using your debit card. You’ll need to have your account number, your card information, and your ZIP code on hand.


We have answers.

No. Your loan amount, account number, and payment due date all remain the same. However, many of our payment options have changed, so you may need to re-establish your Auto Pay.

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