What's the Appeal of an Ally Money Market Account?

Money Market Rates Drive Growth Over Time

Whether you're looking for ways to reach short- or long-term savings goals, researching money market interest rates is a smart move. We talked to Dylan Ross, a certified financial planner in East Windsor, New Jersey, about why he recommends the Ally Bank Money Market account to clients.

The Ally Bank Money Market account, he says, has one of the most competitive interest rates he's found. Plus, it comes with no minimum deposit to open and makes it easy to deposit or withdraw money. In fact, he likes the account enough to have opened one of his own.

Ross also favors Ally Bank for its user-friendly Web site.

"The ability to easily navigate around the site without a lot of steps, the fact that you can nickname your account, and that they make it easy to set up a transfer at a later date or once a month, these are all nice benefits," Ross says.

"What you want is to be able to move money without any hassles."

These advantages can make money market accounts a smart place for savings.

Take a look at all the benefits associated with an FDIC-insured Ally Money Market account and set yours up today.