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3 financial date night challenges to try with your significant other

What we'll cover

  • Conversation starters for discussing financial goals

  • Tips to make talking about finances more fun

  • When and how to share expenses with your partner

Chit-chatting about savings accounts may not be your favorite date night conversation, but financial openness with your partner is essential to making decisions as a team.

We're here to help you break the ice and spark some essential financial convos in a fun and relaxed way.

A different kind of date night

The money talk is never easy, but that doesn't mean it can't be (at least a little) fun. We've pulled together the perfect prompts to get you and your partner in the mood to talk through your financial goals and money mindsets .

Date one: Would you rather

This game night is all about getting to know each other's lifestyle aspirations and money goals with a financially feisty round of “Would you rather?"

Find a cozy spot on the couch with your beloved. Grab your favorite beverage and your own device. No peeking at each other's answers, but if you want to up the ante, try to predict your partner's response. Let the games begin:

How do you and your partner compare? If you didn't get the same results, talk through your different approaches to money and how you can work together to be happy and comfortable without sacrificing your individual ambitions and priorities. By understanding you and your significant other's preferences, you'll be better equipped to communicate and make decisions that reflect both of your wants, needs and goals.

Date two: Can I get your number?

Grab your favorite takeout or whip up something special for this date night. You're talking about spending. (And if you can agree on the price of dinner, you're already ahead of the curve.)

In between bites — and on your own devices — scroll through some everyday, and some not-so-everyday, expenses and select the amount you feel comfortable spending on each.

How did you compare to other quiz takers? Did you and your S.O. align or are you different kinds of spenders? At the end of the day, you don't have to be perfectly aligned in all your financial tendencies, but knowing what to expect and being in the same ballpark can make financial decisions smoother.

Date three: Find your bliss

List lovers, this one's for you. Grab your notes app or a pen and paper (if that's your vibe) and write down what makes you happy. That's it.

Money can't buy happiness, but understanding what brings you and your partner joy can help you prioritize when and where you spend.

Look for areas of overlap. Melding your lists will help you get a better picture of what adds value to your lives and what isn't worth your time, energy or money.

Bonus - you can also use your lists to plan your next date adventure!

Financially stronger together

Relationships are built on chemistry and passion, but sustained with communication, patience and honesty. From daily spending habits to family and retirement aspirations, understanding each other's financial style is paramount to a healthy dynamic that can weather life's inevitable ups and downs.

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