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8 wedding planning tips to bring your vision to life

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking, but there are plenty of ways to prepare before saying “I do.” If you’re unsure how to start putting together your dream wedding, here’s how to create a flexible yet structured plan. 

Set a budget — and stick to it

Once you’re ready to begin planning, a wedding budget is the place to start. Your wedding will be an important day for both you and your partner, so work together on your budget by:

  • Having a candid conversation with your partner about your expectations (and vice versa)

  • Agreeing on how much you’re willing to spend overall

  • Allocating budget to each area of your event

  • Identifying areas where you may be able to save some money

These conversations are also a great way to reinforce your budgeting habits as a couple ahead of your marriage.

Determine your priorities

Everyone’s ideal wedding day is different, so be open with your partner about places you’re hoping to spend a little extra. Whether you want to splurge on a photographer or a destination wedding , figure out which details of your day are most important to you both. With your budget in mind, zero in on what matters to help you prioritize together.

Mind the calendar

Nearly all parts of your big day will benefit from advanced planning and booking. While it might be obvious to secure your venue, catering and officiant early, don’t overlook other aspects of your event. For instance, customized party favors or group transportation will also likely need to be finalized a few months in advance.

Many parts of a wedding are best left to the experts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute your own skills.

Stack your backup plans

No one wants to spend their special day stressing, and staying flexible through the planning process can help keep things calm. If your first choice isn't available, be prepared with a few alternatives. Keeping your options open with less-conventional venues, catering options or dates for your wedding can help you work around high demand — and potentially high costs. 

And always remember: Everyone in attendance wants you to enjoy your event to the fullest. They likely won’t notice if details change from your original plan.

Stay organized with a website

Weddings are complex events, and it can be difficult to keep your guests informed on the latest details. Creating a wedding website helps you get ahead of some frequently asked questions from attendees, like venue information, local attractions or directions on booking accommodations. Instead of answering dozens of individual questions or sending urgent texts about last-minute changes, you can instead point your guests to your site. 

Build a registry 

Let loved ones know how they can help start your marriage off on the right foot by creating a registry. With your partner, think about what would actually be useful for the stage your relationship is in. Whether you’ll be moving in together and are looking for kitchenware or want to start up a fund for travel or homebuying , a registry helps you get a boost toward your shared goals.

Hire reliable vendors 

It’ll take a little extra time, but make sure your wedding vendors are legitimate:

  • Check online reviews to get a sense of other clients’ experience

  • Ask for portfolios or references of past work

  • Look over information they have on their social media or website

  • Receive quotes for services ahead of your event

Word of mouth is a great way to find out about wedding vendors, but do your due diligence to ensure they’ll work for your unique expectations, too.

DIY strategically

Many parts of a wedding are best left to the experts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute your own skills. Thrifting and upcycling certain parts of your wedding can help cut costs — and bring a unique, sentimental touch to your event. This DIY ethic can also come in handy down the line when you and your partner work on home improvement projects together. 

Make wedding magic

Creating a flexible plan and a solid budget for your special day can help set you and your soon-to-be spouse for success far past the altar. 

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