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Ally Racing No. 48 dons Milestone paint scheme in push for greater representation

Everyone is better off with an ally. We say it often, believe it fully and strive to demonstrate it in everything we do. This mission is what drives us and is why we jumped at the opportunity to hit the track with our allies – DC, Milestone Media and Ally Racing.

Amplifying voices through creativity

By bringing together The Milestone Initiative , DC and Milestone’s universe of Black and diverse Super Heroes, and our #48 team, our goal is to amplify the voices of diverse comic creators while introducing both NASCAR and comic book fans to something exciting and new.

When you tune into the race on Sunday, July 10, the #48 car will have an electrifying new look at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Designed by the artists at DC, the car features Static, one of the key Super Heroes from The Milestone Initiative.

But the creativity doesn’t stop there – #48 driver Alex Bowman will also race in a custom fire suit and hand-painted Milestone helmet, all designed in collaboration with DC artists.

What this means to #48’s other ally

After seeing the final artwork, we were too excited to keep it under wraps, so we called Bernard Pollard. If you’re a fan of Ally Racing, you know Bernard. Prior to standing oval-side as spokesman for Ally Racing’s #48, Pollard spent his days as a safety in the NFL. Beyond being a racing fan, Pollard is also a longtime comic book collector, which is why we wanted to capture his first look at The Milestone Initiative car design in real-time – we think he says it all:

As Bernard reflects on what this car means for both Milestone and NASCAR fans, we’re even more eager to see #48 in Atlanta. “This is going to get people to go look up this Super Hero. They’re being exposed ... to this character and they’re going to be able to go learn [about Static], and that’s the exciting part for me.” says Bernard.

Will Static give Alex the extra power he needs for Atlanta?

Learn more about The Milestone Initiative and how Ally is supporting future Black and diverse comic book creators with resources and programming such as The Milestone Summit in Los Angeles.

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