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It’s time to test your soccer knowledge

Charlotte FC kicked off its inaugural season on February 25, and as the club’s founding and lead partner, we want to help you brush up on some soccer basics.

We are going to give you some quick facts to get you in the flow, and then it’s your turn.

Regulation soccer games are 90 minutes long, consisting of two 45-minute halves. Nope, no timeouts or anything like that. However, the referees do pause the game clock for injuries and conflicts that aren’t so quickly resolved. This is simply called “added time” or “stoppage time.” Major League Soccer (MLS) allows five substitutes during play time, meaning that players need to be at the peak of physical endurance. Studies show the average player runs seven miles per game.

Now that we got you started, keep the ball rolling and we will see you at the match!

Photo Credit: Charlotte FC

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