Retirement Ready: Should You Save Your Money in the Bank or Invest in the Market?

Everyone’s path to the retirement of their dreams looks different, and yours may even change over time. Some people start building retirement funds as soon as they graduate from school, others begin later on in life, or once they’re established in their career. But the good news is, no matter how or when you begin, […]


Negative Bond Yields: What’s the Buzz and Should You Be Concerned?

Imagine someone offering you a deal: Pay him $100 now, and he’ll pay you back $90 in two years. You lose $10 in that arrangement — not a great investment, right? And yet, scenarios like that have been playing out all over global bond markets in recent years. It’s what happens when you have bond […]

Guest Voices

Jimmie Johnson: What I’m Driving When I’m Off the Track

Folks with a passion for cars can tell you about their dream vehicles — from the different years, models, makes, and unique characteristics they each share. As a NASCAR driver with a long career, it’s no secret I have my preferences when it comes to what I drive. When Ally asked if I would talk […]

Financial News

The Tech Investor’s Survival Guide

If you’re reading this, chances are you bought into tech stocks recently. Or you were tempted to. The FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. If you did, it’s been an impressive ride…until a few weeks ago. Tech stocks plunged in September, and you may be second-guessing yourself now. Welcome to the world of tech […]

Finance Basics

Listen Up! 14 Financial Podcasts We’re Listening to Right Now

We all need something to break up the monotony of (and rest our eyes from) our regular binge watching, social media surfing, and news scrolling. And what’s better than a podcast? Our team at Ally loves a good podcast while doing housework, experimenting in the kitchen, or lounging on the couch or in the sun. […]

Financial News

WFH Investment Opportunities

The past several months have shaken up numerous aspects of our daily lives. For many, one of the most notable changes is the shift from working elsewhere to working from  home. Commutes are non-existent, Zoom is the new conference room, and water cooler chats now take place exclusively on G-Chat or Slack. After Google announced […]


Studies Show Millennials Report Being Hardest Hit by Cyberscams. Here Are a Few Tricks to Help You Stay Ahead of Scammers

When most of us think of scams, we recall a story about a grandparent or senior seemingly falling for a phishing scam or clicking suspect links that unleash malware or a virus. It’s a classic tale. Yet when it comes to scam victims, it’s not always what you think. Younger and more savvy people are […]

Savings Accounts

Your Fundamental Guide to Emergency Fund Savings

While you can’t plan for every possible “what if,” you can put your best financial foot forward and be prepared, should an unexpected occasion arise. That’s where an emergency fund comes in: to protect you when unanticipated costs come a-knocking. So you’re ready, we’ve assembled a quick overview of all things emergency fund — what […]

Financial News

A Market Wake-Up Call

What started off as a mood swing has now turned into a wake-up call. We’ve been able to ignore a slew of bad news for months. But now, the S&P 500 has dropped 8% since September 2, including four straight drops through today. Markets and investors are feeling a little anxious. There’s a lot to […]


Do You Have Too Much Money in Your Savings Account?

Is it possible to have too much savings? Or too big an emergency fund? Can you really have too much money in the bank? While everyone’s financial situation is unique, it’s possible you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your money. Other options for where to put your hard-earned cash, like an investment […]

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