What is a CD: Answering Your Top 10 Certificate of Deposit FAQs

With all the talk of interest rates, economic forecasts and more, you might feel a little stuck when it comes to your money. But no matter the market, one thing you can count on is that saving is always a good idea. And while they may not grab headlines, certificates of deposit (CDs) remain one […]


Fire up Your Portfolio This Hot Vax Summer

As vaccination rates and afternoon temperatures rise, your plans may look like getting out of the house to jump in pools and search for your city’s most air-conditioned restaurants — anything to beat the heat. But as an investor, there’s one thing you don’t want to cool down during the summer months: keeping an eye […]

Financial News

Bond Moves, Growing Pains

One of Wall Street’s loudest alarms is going off. The 10-year yield has dropped 18 basis points this month, heading for its biggest slide since March 2020. It’s been a surprising turn of events for the stock market, and investors have had trouble digesting the yield’s slide, especially because it seemingly came out of nowhere. […]

New Home

Real Estate Agent, iBuyer or FSBO: What’s the Best Way to Buy or Sell a Home?

The homebuying/selling experience is a deeply personal one. After all, this could be the biggest transaction you ever make. A real estate agent can help simplify confusing paperwork, connect you with the right buyers or sellers, work out deals, and reduce your anxiety about the entire process. But even though working with an agent is the […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Stock Charts

In the old days, stockbrokers made their living primarily because they were the only ones with quick access to the information needed to make intelligent stock buys. Today, that information is available almost instantly to anyone. The trick is to understand that information, which is a different skill. Those who use stockbrokers and financial advisors […]

Finance Basics

Choose Your Own Adventure: 4 Strategies to Get Out of Debt

Debt comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes you take on debt purposely, other times it creeps up on you, slowly or all at once. But no matter how or where it comes from, most can agree: Debt can be stressful and reducing it isn’t always so simple. There’s no “right way” to reduce debt, […]

Finance Basics

Gold, Silver or Bronze? Put Your Finance Knowledge to the Test

Are you sprinting toward retirement? Hurdling past debt? Or setting up for the goal of a new home? In celebration of athletic achievements across the globe, take our quiz to assess your financial fitness.   Is your financial knowledge strong enough for gold? Take this quiz to find out.  

Car Shopping

Used Car Prices Are Up. Here’s How to Save

Buying a used car is a like a scavenger hunt. Instead of following a straight line from point A to point B, you might zigzag from one used car website to a local dealership to a dealer in the next town over to Craigslist, in your quest for the right vehicle. And these days, that path […]

Financial News

Three Buzzwords to Watch in a Historic Earnings Season

We’re about to get a look at what could be the best earnings season in a decade. Analysts estimate S&P 500 profits rose 66% year-over-year in the second quarter, the strongest growth since 2010. If you’re cheering historic growth, though, you may be missing most of the story. Markets are forward-looking, and the ground is […]


Unpacking NFTs: The Digital Trend That’s All Over the Internet

Beyond knowing the term NFT (that’s non-fungible token, by the way) exists, how much do you actually know about this digital trend that’s sweeping across your news feed? Maybe you heard from a friend of a friend of a friend who’s an accountant that NFTs are related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, but there’s a […]

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