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5 reasons for investors to be thankful this season

This year has been a tough one for investors. Both the stock and bond markets have endured sharp losses and high volatility. There’s on-again, off-again talk of recession, the Fed continues to aggressively raise interest rates, and inflation notched its highest readings in four decades. The good news is many of these sources of market […]

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NWSL players inspire in season two of Game Changers

As an official sponsor of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), Ally has the honor of amplifying the talent, character and passion of the league’s players. One of the many ways we help tell their stories is through Game Changers, a video series that highlights how players are changing the game, on and off the […]

Financial News

The case for procrastinating your holiday shopping

As if holiday shopping isn’t stressful enough, this year the inflation boogeyman has a lot of us worried about how much we can spend—or how much we’ll have to spend. With all this uncertainty, it might feel like your holiday budget is a moving target. No wonder almost 40% of consumers Ally surveyed said they […]

Financial News

Why investors shouldn’t fear the midterms

Amid a few wild weeks of corporate earnings, key economic data and a Federal Reserve meeting, the U.S. midterm elections are now tossed into the mix, too. Volatility followed a few recent elections, so you might wonder how the markets could react to a variety of outcomes this round. Politics and investing: Separate the two […]

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Could a strong consumer spark an end-of-year market rally?

Mega-cap tech stocks released earnings this week, and the news wasn’t great. Google, Facebook/Meta, and Microsoft all stumbled. But two tech giants, Amazon and Apple, were bolstered by the consumer sides of their businesses. Amazon (AMZN) disappointed on lackluster performance of its cloud-hosting business AWS. But the retail side of Amazon’s business did okay: revenues […]

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Your new favorite song has arrived: “Money On Me” flips the script on measuring personal success

In a world where many songs urge listeners to spend big money on designer brands and live a g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s lifestyle, it’s time to redefine songs about “living your best life.” Whether it’s about having that rainy day fund or how to get your money to make money, we brought rapper Charlie Curtis-Beard, “finfluencer” (financial influencer) […]

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Travel won’t be cut from holiday budgets

Spending time with family and friends this holiday season might just be the best gift of all. After two years of pandemic-related disruptions, this year feels like the first normal holiday season in a long time. (I know I’m looking forward to seeing family again, after missing last Christmas because I had COVID!) It’s no […]

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What is the ‘Fear Index’ saying about the markets?

October is often fraught with volatility. We’ve seen some of that this year with the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Volatility Index (VIX), known as the fear index, jumping above 30 in recent weeks. For background, the VIX uses options pricing to arrive at an expected price change in the S&P 500 looking ahead 30 […]

Financial News

Corporations are buying back stock: Why you should care…

In a bearish market, investors often grapple with whether to buy, sell, or hold. Those considering allocating money now may find investing in energy and bonds attractive (think Treasury ETFs). Slumping markets may hold another opportunity for investors seeking value: corporate stock buybacks.  A stock buyback primer  Dipping stock prices allow corporations with cash on […]

Financial News

Let’s talk debt: The benefits of an uncomfortable conversation

Money conversations are always hard. Many of us were brought up to believe that it’s impolite to talk about money matters. As a culture, we’ve made some strides toward changing that thinking. For example, talking about salaries is slowly becoming more acceptable. But there are still some taboos that remain. And talking about debt is […]

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