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Introducing Conversationally – Ally’s new content home

We’ve been doing a little remodeling. Soon, the Ally Do It Right Community Hub will shut down and we’ll be moving to a new home – Conversationally. Conversationally will have information you need to help you reach your life and financial goals. Want to save for a much-needed vacation? Take our travel quiz to see […]

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3 investing buzzwords to watch in 2023

It has been a tough year for investors across the risk spectrum. Stocks and bonds have posted big losses even after a modest rebound in the last two months. We see some rocky times ahead in 2023, but those dips may prove to be worthy buying opportunities for long-term investors. Staying the course and keeping […]

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Year-end option strategy for stock investors

It’s the end of the year and a great time to take stock of your portfolio. The past year has been better for some stocks and ETFs than others. Whether you’ve made a killing in one sector or incurred losses in another, chances are your portfolio is a little lopsided. Now is a stellar time […]

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Looking ahead to 2023: LEI suggests caution as signs of recession grow

Happy new year? Maybe not. There are growing signs of a mild recession during the first half of 2023. Each month, we are inundated with so many data points that attempt to gauge the health of the domestic economy. One of the more useful, albeit often under-the-radar, measurements is the Conference Board’s U.S. Leading Economic […]

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5 reasons for investors to be thankful this season

This year has been a tough one for investors. Both the stock and bond markets have endured sharp losses and high volatility. There’s on-again, off-again talk of recession, the Fed continues to aggressively raise interest rates, and inflation notched its highest readings in four decades. The good news is many of these sources of market […]

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Why investors shouldn’t fear the midterms

Amid a few wild weeks of corporate earnings, key economic data and a Federal Reserve meeting, the U.S. midterm elections are now tossed into the mix, too. Volatility followed a few recent elections, so you might wonder how the markets could react to a variety of outcomes this round. Politics and investing: Separate the two […]

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Could a strong consumer spark an end-of-year market rally?

Mega-cap tech stocks released earnings this week, and the news wasn’t great. Google, Facebook/Meta, and Microsoft all stumbled. But two tech giants, Amazon and Apple, were bolstered by the consumer sides of their businesses. Amazon (AMZN) disappointed on lackluster performance of its cloud-hosting business AWS. But the retail side of Amazon’s business did okay: revenues […]

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A rapper and a finance expert collab in the studio…here’s what happens

In a world where many songs urge listeners to spend big money on designer brands and live a g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s lifestyle, it’s time to redefine songs about “living your best life.” Whether it’s about having that rainy day fund or how to get your money to make money, we brought rapper Charlie Curtis-Beard, “finfluencer” (financial influencer) […]

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What is the ‘Fear Index’ saying about the markets?

October is often fraught with volatility. We’ve seen some of that this year with the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Volatility Index (VIX), known as the fear index, jumping above 30 in recent weeks. For background, the VIX uses options pricing to arrive at an expected price change in the S&P 500 looking ahead 30 […]

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Corporations are buying back stock: Why you should care…

In a bearish market, investors often grapple with whether to buy, sell, or hold. Those considering allocating money now may find investing in energy and bonds attractive (think Treasury ETFs). Slumping markets may hold another opportunity for investors seeking value: corporate stock buybacks.  A stock buyback primer  Dipping stock prices allow corporations with cash on […]

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