Financial News

Worried about your student loans? What we know.

With the start of a new school year upon us, college students (and alumni) across the U.S. are facing the “will we or won’t we?” moment that nobody asked for: Will we or won’t we have to pay back student loans? At the end of August, the pandemic driven federal student loans payment pause is […]


What is a FICO score?

When you became an adult, did you have any idea that one three-digit number — your credit score — matters a lot? The truth is that if you want to borrow money to buy a house or car, a credit score can affect your ability to get a loan or a good interest rate. So, […]

Financial News

Recession watch? 3 consumer indicators

The American consumer has become the center of the recession debate. That’s because the consumer isn’t entirely acting the way they should in a recessionary environment. They are still spending even as they fear an economic slowdown or recession. Don’t get me wrong, when the consumer is spending it is a good thing for the […]

Financial News

Back-to-school shopping: Big spending means tradeoffs

Welcome to Money Moves. I’m digging into all things money — moves that can impact you, links and insights. What Happened: It’s time to get back to school! Shopping for clothing and supplies is an exciting tradition for many households. 2022 should be extra exciting, as returning to the classroom will feel the most “normal” it has […]


Want to get away for a while? A workcation might be the answer

Ever notice how vacations seem to end just as you’re getting the hang of your new surroundings? By the time you’ve fully embraced island life, become your best speed-walking city self or are fully connected with Mother Nature at your home away from home, it’s usually time to head back. But what if it wasn’t? […]


How to Invest in Bonds 101: Everything you need to know about this portfolio staple.

In the world of investing, bonds may not be the most glamorous asset when compared to a blue-chip stock or tech sector-tracking exchange-traded fund (ETF). But understanding how to invest in bonds —and more importantly, why you should consider adding them to your portfolio — is important for any investor, whether you’re looking to balance […]

Ally News

HBO Max’s “Milestone Generations” highlights allyship in action

Almost 30 years after its first launch in 1993, Milestone Media has a new look, an updated vision and a renewed determination to bring representation to superheroes. The purpose and the passion behind this exciting new chapter will unfold in the “Milestone Generations” documentary on July 29th on HBO Max. Narrated by rapper, producer and […]

Financial News

Has the tech sector hit bottom?

Tech is on a comeback tour. The Nasdaq is 13% higher in the past month. Still, volatility continues to be ever present, and the index is down significantly more than the S&P 500 year-to-date. Some relative strength in the tech sector has come from Apple, Microsoft, and some semiconductor companies as they bounce off their […]

Financial News

Is the job market shifting? Big Tech, the Great Resignation, and where we are headed

Welcome to Money Moves. I’m digging into all things money — moves that can impact you, links and insights. What Happened: Lately we’ve heard a lot of companies talk about slowing hiring plans or even actively reducing their workforces. Think Apple, Meta, Google, etc. When big tech companies start talk about pumping the breaks on hiring, it […]


What Is a Roth IRA & how does it work?

Here’s the great thing about investing for retirement: You have so many different options! Keep Roth IRAs on your list, because they’re one of the most valuable retirement savings tools available, especially if you start contributing early. Plus, Roth IRAs have some unique characteristics that set them apart from traditional IRAs. Don’t miss the boat […]

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