Guest Voices

Jim Wang’s 5 Things You Shouldn’t Overpay For

My mom loves finding a good deal. As a kid, we’d frequently shop at Marshall’s to find deals on clothing. I didn’t know, or care, that Marshall’s was a discount clothing store. My mom enjoyed it because we found high-quality clothing without paying high-quality prices! For her, it was like a treasure hunt where you […]

Home Improvement

What Is America’s Favorite Room in the House?

Whether you’re trying to up your home’s resale value or just want to upgrade for your own enjoyment, it can be hard to decide which room to renovate. The kitchen? The living room? Or maybe … the bathroom?  It might sound silly, but according to our recent survey, the master bathroom is one of people’s favorite […]

New Home

Federal Rate Changes: Good or Bad for Home Owners?

News headlines about interest rate changes may conjure a range of emotions, from hope to anxiety to confusion. But how does it impact your mortgage rate — and is it a cause for panic? The Federal Reserve (or the Fed for short) changes interest rates from time to time and current global economic changes and […]


Best Ways to Save: How Much You Need for Your Kids’ Extracurricular Activities

From the moment your kids were born, you’ve skimped, saved, and sacrificed to provide as much as possible, even focusing on saving for their college education or teaching them to be mindful of their own money management. But childrearing costs go beyond diapers, growing appetites, and clothes that seem to last only a few weeks. […]

Vehicle Care

5 Costly Auto Repairs and How to Avoid Them

Even though we don’t have the flying cars that many TV shows and movies predicted we would, in-car technology has improved significantly in the past decade. From back-up cameras to infotainment systems, auto technology has been enhanced to improve your safety, comfort, and access to information on the go. While these features are nice to […]


Savings Guide: How to Grow Your Savings with 4 Easy Steps

Oh, the places you can save your money! There’s no end to the number of creative ways to squirrel away savings: tucked under a mattress, buried in the backyard, sewn into a sofa, or stashed inside an old stuffed animal. No doubt, you’d probably need a map to ever find your money again, but there’s […]


Explore Your Options: Compare Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts

You have a lot of options when it comes to managing your everyday banking needs. And while you likely know a bit about them, a side-by-side comparison of the most common types of accounts may help you choose which ones are best for you. Checking, savings, and money market accounts have some similarities, but their […]

Guest Voices

Tess Wicks’ 7 Effective Strategies Despite Changing Interest Rates

You’ve seen the headlines: the Federal Reserve is changing the federal funds rate, and the move is impacting most banks and the interest rate banks can pass on to their customers. If saving is a top goal for you, nothing can compare to seeing interest rates rise. On the other hand, when rates are in […]

New Home

Why Homebuying in the Offseason Should Be In Your Plan

Nobody wants to be lugging a heavy couch in and out of a moving truck in the blistering cold … unless, perhaps, that offseason home purchase could save you thousands of dollars. Turns out, buying a home during the fall and winter can have a flurry of advantages, including less competition and faster closing time. […]

Online Banking

What Is a Trust? 5 Things to Know Before You Get Started

Trusts have long been thought of as an inheritance tool meant only for the super wealthy, thanks to the “trust-fund baby” stereotype in Hollywood movies. But, you don’t have to be a Hilton, Kardashian, or Richie Rich’s parents to set up a Trust. Anyone who wants to leave precise instructions on how their assets should […]

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