Money Market

5 Ways to Find the Best Money Market Rates

Needing flexible access to your savings shouldn’t mean getting short shrift on interest returns. With a little homework, you can find a money market account that keeps your money safe, gives you flexible access, and offers a competitive interest rate to help your balance grow. However, you don’t want to rush out and open whatever […]

Money Market

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Money Market Account

Sometimes you need a safe place to put your money that earns more interest than a checking account, but gives you more flexible access than a certificate of deposit (CD) or savings account. Maybe you’re building a house and need to write a few checks to contractors or taking care of wedding expenses as you […]

Money Market

Which Has the Highest Interest Yield?

If you have extra funds each month after paying for bills and other necessities, you are probably looking for a way to earn some interest on that money. As you research your options, you probably are looking for an account with the highest annual percentage yield. But although interest is important, it's not the only […]

Money Market

Whatever Your Goals, There’s a Lot to Love About Saving With Ally Bank

Short-Term Money Market Perspective When you put together a financial plan, you usually will have both long- and short-term goals you try to meet. Money market accounts may be able to help you accomplish both. Short-term goals Financial planners often suggest money market accounts for things like vacation or holiday accounts, or for one-time goals […]

Money Market

Three Smart Reasons to Open an Online Money Market Account

Although they still vary widely, bank account interest rates—money market account rates, more specifically—tend to be more competitive when you choose an online bank. And while all kinds of savings accounts may good for your fiscal health, money market accounts offer you three significant advantages to help you start saving money today: FDIC insurance. At […]

Money Market

Money Market Accounts: A Good Deal or Not

If you’ve heard an advertisement for a "high performance money market account" or something similarly named, you may be wondering just what that is and if it’s a good deal for you. What some banks call a "high performance money market account" is really just a money market account that may or may not have […]

Money Market

If You Already Have a Savings Account, Is It Time to Explore a Money Market Account?

A money market bank account can be a useful and financially rewarding place to sock away your personal savings. Even if you already have a regular savings account, it’s a good idea to explore different savings options. Now might be the right time to look into money market accounts to see how they can meet […]

Money Market

Online Money-Market Accounts: Tear Down the Bricks and Mortar

Banking once meant interrupting your daily routine and traveling to a building where you stood in line to wait your turn to speak with a teller. You did your banking on the bank's schedule, not your own. Today, an increasing number of Americans have decided they want to bank at their own convenience. And while […]

Money Market

The Ally Money Market Account Makes It Easy to Save

As the marketplace fills with a number of different banks and products, all offering very similar benefits, you may find yourself asking what defines a Money Market Account. A money market account is a personal savings option that may give you more flexibility of access than you have with a regular savings account. Typically, you […]

Money Market

What Kind of Savings Product Is a Money Market Account? Short-Term, Long-term, or Something Else?

Everyone has (or should have) both short- and long-term financial needs and goals. You need to pay this month's bills; you need to cover this year's property taxes; you want to build wealth for retirement. And sometimes you feel like you're pulled in different directions. So where do money market accounts fit into this balancing […]

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