Money Market

Which Has the Highest Interest Yield?

If you have extra funds each month after paying for bills and other necessities, you are probably looking for a way to earn some interest on that money. As you research your options, you probably are looking for an account with the highest annual percentage yield. But although interest is important, it's not the only […]

Money Market

The Common (Financial) Sense of Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts may not be as well-known as traditional savings and checking accounts. But many personal finance experts consider opening a money market account an integral part of a smart financial plan. Money market accounts are bank accounts that usually pay interest rates comparable to the rates of paid by savings accounts. The difference […]

Money Market

There’s a Lot to Love About Saving With Ally Bank

Financial experts agree that a money market account can be a good place to save money you might need unexpectedly or might be saving for a specific goal—a new car, for instance, or well-earned vacation. In general, look for a money market account that offers: A good rate of return. Make sure you compare annual […]

Money Market

Money Market Accounts: A Good Deal or Not

If you’ve heard an advertisement for a "high performance money market account" or something similarly named, you may be wondering just what that is and if it’s a good deal for you. What some banks call a "high performance money market account" is really just a money market account that may or may not have […]

Money Market

The Common Characteristics of Top Money Market Accounts

A quick search of financial websites can turn up enough money market accounts to leave you cross-eyed. But before you despair, relax. The financial experts we've talked to say that most top money market accounts share some key traits that can make them stand out from the crowd. High Yield. The best money market accounts […]

Money Market

Develop a Savings Program Based on Your Goals

You've put aside $1,000 to save. But you're unsure where to stash your cash. Maybe you're trying to decide between a money market account and a mutual fund, looking to find a way to protect and grow your savings. First, decide what your savings goals are. If your saving goals are short-term, say, next summer's […]

Money Market

If You Already Have a Savings Account, Is It Time to Explore a Money Market Account?

A money market bank account can be a useful and financially rewarding place to sock away your personal savings. Even if you already have a regular savings account, it’s a good idea to explore different savings options. Now might be the right time to look into money market accounts to see how they can meet […]

Money Market

Online Money-Market Accounts: Tear Down the Bricks and Mortar

Banking once meant interrupting your daily routine and traveling to a building where you stood in line to wait your turn to speak with a teller. You did your banking on the bank's schedule, not your own. Today, an increasing number of Americans have decided they want to bank at their own convenience. And while […]

Money Market

The Ally Money Market Account Makes It Easy to Save

As the marketplace fills with a number of different banks and products, all offering very similar benefits, you may find yourself asking what defines a Money Market Account. A money market account is a personal savings option that may give you more flexibility of access than you have with a regular savings account. Typically, you […]

Money Market

What Else Can I Do With My Money Market Account?

The basics of an Ally Bank Money Market Account. With an Ally Bank Money Market Account, you earn a variable rate that's consistently among the most competitive in the country according to, and you can open and fund your account with any amount. You pay no monthly maintenance fees and you get free standard […]

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