Money Market

Are Money Market Accounts Safe?

There’s no question about it — when it comes to your money, safety is a big factor in how you choose to house your nest egg. If money market accounts have caught your eye, you may be wondering just how safe they are. Money market instruments, specifically, money market accounts can be a helpful (and […]

Money Market

What Is a Money Market Account?

Maybe you already have a certificate of deposit (CD) or two on top of your traditional checking and savings account. If so, you may be thinking, “I’m all set. Why would I need a money market account on top of these?” You may also be thinking you don’t want one more thing to keep track […]

Money Market

Where to Save? Money Market Accounts vs. Savings Accounts

Your saving habits have paid off and now you have a chunk of change to set aside. Where should you put your money? You have plenty of options, from stocks and bonds to money market accounts and savings accounts. In this piece, we’ll focus on liquid access to your money and zoom in on money […]

Money Market

5 Ways to Find the Best Money Market Rates

Needing flexible access to your savings shouldn’t mean getting short shrift on interest returns. With a little homework, you can find a money market account that keeps your money safe, gives you flexible access, and offers a competitive interest rate to help your balance grow. However, you don’t want to rush out and open whatever […]

Money Market

How Money Market Accounts Work and Why You Should Open One

When it comes to earning interest on your money, savings account aren’t the only game in town. Money market accounts are one of the most popular savings options, and if you aren’t familiar with their features, it’s probably time to learn more. So how does a money market account work? Here’s a primer on this […]

Money Market

How to Open a Money Market Account in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve discovered that a money market account hits the sweet spot for deposit accounts—right between less accessible certificates of deposit (CDs) and the relatively low interest offerings of checking accounts. What’s next? If you’re wondering how to open a money market account, it couldn’t be easier. Here’s how in 3 easy steps. 1. Choose a […]

Money Market

Money Market vs. CD: Which Is Best for You?

If you have some savings you’d like to earn interest on, but you’re thinking a regular savings account won’t quite cut it, consider using a money market account or a certificate of deposit (CD). Which one is best for you depends on your earnings expectations and what kind of access you need. Money market accounts […]

Money Market

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Money Market Account

Sometimes you need a safe place to put your money that earns more interest than a checking account, but gives you more flexible access than a certificate of deposit (CD) or savings account. Maybe you’re building a house and need to write a few checks to contractors or taking care of wedding expenses as you […]

Money Market

Which Has the Highest Interest Yield?

If you have extra funds each month after paying for bills and other necessities, you are probably looking for a way to earn some interest on that money. As you research your options, you probably are looking for an account with the highest annual percentage yield. But although interest is important, it's not the only […]

Money Market

5 Things You Should Look for in Money Market Deposit Accounts

Once you've decided to open a money market deposit account, experts suggest keeping these five factors in mind: Interest rate. "Look for savings or money market deposit accounts with the highest interest rate you can find," Michael Hardy, a Certified Financial Planner® and a partner at Mollot & Hardy in New York, says. He added, […]

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