While some financial experts use historical money market rates to extrapolate different economic trends, you can use these rates as a practical gauge for evaluating your long-term savings goals.

Where can you find historical money market rates? Several websites publish this information. At Bankrate.com for example, you can quickly find out different money market rates from many different banks dating back as far as five years.

Why would you want to know historical money market rates? For starters, these rates, along with a bit of knowledge about what was going on in the economy during the given time period, can help you make the connection between your finances and the larger economy.

For example, if you view the five-year trends in the national average of money market rates compared with the national unemployment rate for that same period, you'll quickly see that there's an inverse relationship between the two. (When unemployment tends to be up, money market rates tend to be down, and vice-versa.) There are other economic indicators that have this kind of relationship as well. With that, you've gained some economic knowledge without much effort at all.

Knowledge is only as good as its application, however, so aside from impressing your friends, what can you do with this insight? For one, it can help you make more informed financial decisions and provide a "check and balance" against the information you're getting from various news media.

So there you have it: historical money market rates can be a good thing to understand when you're trying to manage your own financial goals as they relate to the larger economy.

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