With an interest-bearing checking account, the bank pays you interest on the money in your account, much like it pays interest on a savings account. However, with a checking account you can also write checks or use debit cards, making it easy to access your money as needed for bills, purchases and so forth.

Aren't All Checking Accounts the Same? As a practically essential part of most everyone's life, the humble checking account often gets overlooked. But it’s important to know that the rates paid on interest-bearing checking accounts vary widely, and not every bank offers a checking account that earns interest. Moreover, some banks have minimum balance requirements, monthly maintenance fees or other conditions.

A Different Bank. At Ally Bank, we see things a little differently. The Ally Bank Interest Checking Account offers a variable interest rate that is among the most competitive in the country, according to Bankrate.com. Plus, there's no minimum balance to open and we don’t charge monthly maintenance fees. And while nearly every bank offers some sort of online access, not every bank makes it as easy as we do. Plus, the Ally Bank Interest Checking Account comes with free standard checks, a free debit card and free bill pay.

Ready for a different kind of checking? Learn more by visiting Allybank.com or call live, 24/7 customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559) today.

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