Driving tests the body and the mind. The focus required makes multitasking a big no-no. Yet, in a world full of distractions, which seem to grow daily, temptations abound. Here’s a useful list of 7 things you should never do while driving.


Looking good matters to many people. When in a rush, some try to make up for lost time by grooming on the go. Although driving with a hangnail or a little extra stubble is annoying, and at times, unflattering, it’s the safest way to travel.


Most drivers find it easy to avoid diving into novellas or periodicals in the car. Unfortunately, they are not the only reading materials to avoid. Maps and manuals frequently end up in a driver’s lap. There’s nothing wrong with consulting these guides and accepting navigational deficits—just make sure to pull over safely when looking up directions or using your phone.


Adjusting the stereo can be a dangerous activity and often times a fruitless one. Fiddling with dials is unsafe and unwarranted. The car is where some folks pretend they live surrounded by personal theme music. That makes song selection extremely important. But it’s not. Make a great playlist before hitting the road. Or, if you have someone riding shotgun, suggest they function as the trip’s DJ.


The driver is the captain and as such, has no place entering into anything besides ordinary conversation with the crew. Arguing or losing control takes the driver’s focus away from the road. Reaching the destination is the sole goal, so let those in the backseat conduct impassioned debates on touchy subjects while the driver converses with the road ahead.


Texting is extremely dangerous while driving because you’re not looking at the road ahead. We suggest putting your phone in the glove compartment until safely reaching your destination.


While it’s technically possible for a driver to eat a sandwich or even eat a hot bowl of soup, it’s unwise to do so. Not only are hot liquids major hazards on unsmooth surfaces, eating in the car is a major distraction.


The only thing drivers should be looking at is the road. Your field of vision ranges between mirrors to anticipate potential obstacles. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is not the driver’s concern. Leave admiring open prairies or sky blue waters to your passengers.

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