It happened. Your little one grew up. Hard to believe, right? Feels like the “diaper days” were only yesterday. And since kids don’t stay young forever, adulthood commences at the terrifying moment your passengers become…drivers. But before they do, parents still hold the cards. In this case, the keys. Here’s some extremely important advice if your kids are ready to hit the road.

Safety Course

In addition to the standard driving course they’ll take to get a license, think about investing in a more comprehensive safety class — where they will learn more than how to parallel park. Learning defensive driving techniques is great for young drivers navigating a world that’s entirely new and laden with obstacles.

Shop Safe

If buying a car for your child makes good financial sense, always err on the side of safety. They might want to look cool in the school parking lot – but that’s not the priority. Shop around for vehicles with the best safety features and ratings.

You’re in Charge

Parents and kids aren’t equals. Even if some teenagers tend to speak like they are. Make rules about how often they can drive, where they go and when they do it. In the end, the state may give them a license, but you are still the one that controls it. As long as they live under your roof, the house rules extend onto the road.

Set the Example

How you drive will go a long way. Your example of good driving habits and decisions is essential to putting the next generation of drivers on the road.

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