Although the holidays are squarely in the rearview mirror, shopping is a year-round activity. Buying a new car, like searching for the perfect gift, can be as exciting as it is stressful. That’s why we’re here to help simplify the process. Here are a few important tips to consider before heading to the lot.


Going to the dealership to purchase a vehicle is the final step in a long process. But before doing that, learning the year’s top makes and models, standard features and ideal price range, is something you can do at home. Familiarize yourself with car publications and consumer websites so you walk onto the lot knowledgeable and determined.

Make the Right Choice

The right car for you may not be the right car for your neighbor. It’s important to factor in lifestyle when shopping. The car that made sense when you were a single twentysomething is different than the vehicle tailored to hauling a family around town. Consider summer beach days and winter ski trips when picking between handling or luggage space. This is your car for the entire year, not just for one season. So always buy for the long run.

Call Before You Shop

It’s happened to most of us. Maybe not at a car dealership, but the feeling is universal. You arrive excited, but leave disappointed. Maybe the movie’s sold out, the restaurant ran out of lobster, or the car you wanted isn’t on the lot. Call or email the dealership beforehand to ensure the car you’re interested in is still available. It’s smart to let the salespeople know you plan on stopping by in case the car you’re interested in is a hot item flying off the lot.

Don’t Be Picky

It makes life much easier when you avoid limiting your options right off the bat. If your dream car is a silver convertible, that’s just fine, but try to keep an open mind. The more cars you see, the more you’ll understand. Stay flexible and start by casting a wide net before narrowing down.

Are you considering trading in your car for something new or is your lease up soon? Let us know!