A vehicle service contract is a great option to increase peace of mind on the road and help protect your wallet from surprise vehicle repair bills.

This type of protection plan, which is similar to an extended warranty on your vehicle, helps to cover the cost of unexpected vehicle repairs and get you back on the road with as little hassle as possible. This includes dealing with the repair shop, so you don’t have to, and of course… covering the bill for most repairs.

So, how do you know if it’s right for you? Keep reading to learn about the top reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a vehicle service contract like Flex Coverage by Ally.

1. You Own Your Vehicle and Plan on Keeping It a While

Do you plan to keep your vehicle past the original manufacturer’s warranty, or has the original warranty already expired? A vehicle service contract is designed to help protect you from the cost of vehicle repairs beyond your original manufacturer’s warranty. So, if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a few years (versus trading it in for a new model) a vehicle service contract may be a good option to continue coverage on your vehicle.

2. You’re a High-Mileage Driver

A vehicle service contract may be the right option for you because most offer long-term and high-mileage plans that help protect you from unexpected repair expenses beyond most manufacturer warranties.

Also, if you’re a high-mileage driver, you run the risk of driving out of your original manufacturer’s warranty sooner rather than later, leaving you responsible for vehicle repairs.

3. You Don’t Want to Deal With Surprise Repair Bills or You’re Budget-Conscious

Even if you don’t consider yourself budget-conscious, a vehicle repair bill is often a huge hassle to deal with, as well as being a financial burden. A vehicle service contract can virtually eliminate that hassle, so an unexpected vehicle issue doesn’t bring the rest of your life to a screeching halt.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans report that they live paycheck to paycheck. If you don’t have an emergency fund, or cash stashed away that could be used to pay an unexpected vehicle repair bill, a vehicle service contract might be a smart choice. In recent years, the average cost of a vehicle repair was just under $400. Depending on your vehicle issue, a repair bill could range anywhere from $250 to a few thousand dollars!

4. Your Vehicle Has High-Tech Components

Most new vehicles are filled with high-tech components like navigation, infotainment systems, parking assist, etc. These components offer great perks to the driver but tend to have very high repair costs if anything goes wrong. The good news is that Flex Coverage helps to protect virtually all these high-tech components, so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience they offer you every day without worrying about the high cost of repair.

5. You Want Peace of Mind, Perks, and Less Hassle

If above all else you want to rest easy knowing that you will be covered in the event that your vehicle fails, then a vehicle service contract is something you might want to consider. Trust and reliability are two key ingredients for peace of mind, which is why Flex Coverage offers protection for more than 7,400 vehicle components and approves virtually all claims submitted.

In addition to covering the costs of vehicle repairs, Flex Coverage also offers several perks to help you get back on the road with as little hassle as possible – including 24/7 roadside assistance and reimbursement for a rental vehicle or public transportation (up to a certain dollar amount) while yours is in the shop. Limitations apply – please find full details on our website or by reviewing a sample contract (which can be found on our website).

Sound like a potential fit for you? You can give us a call to learn more about your coverage options, get a customized quote, or speak with one of our specialists about Flex Coverage.

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Updated March 30,2020