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Home Shopping? Don’t Discount the Value of Curb Appeal

You’ve heard the phrase a million times: Don’t judge a book by its cover. So, when you’re on the hunt for your first home, it’s no wonder that your list of wants consists solely of interior details, like a renovated master bath and mud room, and includes nothing about the driveway, landscape, yard size, or […]

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In-Law Suites: More Room for Mom and Pop

It’s the morning rush before work, and you’re behind schedule. So, you dash into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee wearing just your underwear — and run right into your dad. GULP. It’s becoming more common for aging parents to move in with their grown children. But what’s been dubbed “multigenerational living” can […]

New Home

Your First Home: Everything From House Hunting to Housewarming

Buying a home will probably be the biggest financial transaction you ever make, so it’s important to feel comfortable with the process before diving in. It’s understandable if you’re not sure where to begin — there are so many decisions to make from neighborhood to floorplan to lender. Not to mention, if you’re buying with […]

New Home

6 Financial Steps to Take Before Buying Your Next Home

If you’re already a homeowner, you know buying a home can be a long process. There’s the fun part, which is touring homes and dreaming of your new place. But there are the practical parts too, like getting pre-approved for a mortgage, saving for closing costs, and more. If you’ve outgrown your current home or […]

New Home

Thinking of Buying Your Next Home? Here’s What to Consider

Like many of you, I’m currently living in my first home. It’s been three and a half years since my husband and I handed over a big check during closing to get the keys to our own little piece of the American dream. This first house has been good to us, and we’ve made so […]

New Home

16 Things to Do Immediately After Buying a House (Includes Bonus Checklist!)

Buying a home is like running a marathon. There are so many steps to complete and papers to sign before you can walk in the front door. You might feel a sense of relief when it’s all over and you have your keys in hand, but don’t rest just yet. There are still a few […]

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Know Your Down Payment Options: Why 20% Is No Longer King

If you’re shopping for a new home, someone might’ve mentioned the golden rule of homebuying: You must make a 20% down payment to secure a mortgage. For decades, the gold standard was a 20% down payment. Today, you may mistakenly believe that, until you have socked that much away, your hopes for home ownership are […]

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Know Your Loan Options: What Is a Jumbo Mortgage?

Have a growing family? Ready to move into your dream digs? Sounds like upgrading your home might be on your agenda. If you’re looking at an upscale property or simply one in an area of the country where the cost of living is high, chances are you might be considering a jumbo mortgage. A jumbo […]

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Jumbo Loan Limit 2020: What You Need to Know

Mortgages aren’t one-size-fits-all. For instance, a jumbo loan could fit you like a glove if you’re buying a more expensive home and need to borrow more than the conforming loan limits allow. So, if you’re looking at an upscale property or simply one in an area of the country where the cost of living is […]

New Home

Jumbo vs. Conventional Loan: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for new shoes, it’s all about finding that perfect fit. You don’t want to go too small and squash your toes. Pick a pair that’s too big, and you’ll walk right out of them. You need something that’s just right. It’s the same idea when you’re shopping for a home … just on […]

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