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Finding a House in a Seller’s Paradise (and Buyer’s Desert)

If you’re looking to buy in the current housing market, pickings are slim. Demand is high and supply is low, which makes for an increasingly competitive market and leaves many house hunters scrambling to find the right place. Use these alternative methods to find a home you love, even when the search gets tough. 1. […]

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Homebuyer’s Dilemma: Should You Purchase a Home That Needs Repairs?

You’re prepping to buy a home. You’ve worked out a budget, started scouting out properties and are shopping for mortgage options. But there’s one scenario you might not be ready for: finding your dream home only to learn it needs some serious repairs. You might be one of today’s buyers who are increasingly willing to […]

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How to Handle Home Repairs as a Couple

Buying a home as a couple means agreeing on some things, but not everything. For example, you both might be in favor of buying a fixer-upper and making repairs to save money. But you may differ on which fixes to tackle first or which ones to outsource to a pro. Home repairs can sometimes be […]

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All-Cash Offer vs. Mortgage: Positives and Drawbacks

They say “cash is king” — and when it comes to making an offer on a home, sometimes the old adage holds true. An all-cash offer can give you an edge and make your offer more enticing to sellers when you’re competing with other buyers against a shrinking supply of homes. But is ponying up […]

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Real Estate Agent, iBuyer or FSBO: What’s the Best Way to Buy or Sell a Home?

The homebuying/selling experience is a deeply personal one. After all, this could be the biggest transaction you ever make. A real estate agent can help simplify confusing paperwork, connect you with the right buyers or sellers, work out deals, and reduce your anxiety about the entire process. But even though working with an agent is the […]

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Lower Your Moving Costs With These 9 Tips

Whether you’re upgrading to an apartment around the corner or putting down roots across the country, moving can be a pricey life event. Packing supplies, professional movers and truck rentals really add up. But with some creativity and forward thinking, you can make any move more affordable. Here are nine cost-cutting tips to help get […]

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Fannie Mae RefiNow Expands Mortgage Refinancing Options

Home refinance interest rates dipped near historic lows in 2020, but not every homeowner took advantage of them or had the ability to do so — creating a missed opportunity for savings. And it’s something the Fannie Mae RefiNow program is attempting to change by making refinancing more accessible — and more appealing — for […]

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Building a House vs. Buying One: Which Is Better for You?

When making a large purchase — like a car, designer bag or piece of furniture — one of the big questions to ask is whether to buy new or used. New items are in pristine condition but have higher prices. Pre-loved, vintage or second-hand items often offer extra character at a more affordable price point […]

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Spacious or Snug: How Much Home Is Right for You?

Tall ceilings and open spaces or cozy nooks and intimate vibes? One big question to ask when home shopping is, “How big of a house do I want and need?” To figure out your ideal square footage, you should account for several factors — from aesthetic preferences to budget to your family’s future growth and […]

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How to Win a Bidding War (or Put Up a Good Fight)

These days, mortgage rates are at historic lows and the inventory of homes on the market has followed suit — which means competition among home shoppers is at a high. Across the country, hopeful homeowners are competing against each other (and rising property prices) to land their dream houses. Whether you’re preparing to bid for […]

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