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How to Handle Home Repairs as a Couple

Buying a home as a couple means agreeing on some things, but not everything. For example, you both might be in favor of buying a fixer-upper and making repairs to save money. But you may differ on which fixes to tackle first or which ones to outsource to a pro. Home repairs can sometimes be […]

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Fannie Mae RefiNow Expands Mortgage Refinancing Options

Home refinance interest rates dipped near historic lows in 2020, but not every homeowner took advantage of them or had the ability to do so — creating a missed opportunity for savings. And it’s something the Fannie Mae RefiNow program is attempting to change by making refinancing more accessible — and more appealing — for […]

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What Is Home Equity and How Can You Use It?

Scrolling through Zillow is a great way to get a sneak peek at the beautiful floor plans or not-so-stylish kitchen concepts of houses nearby. But even real estate websites can’t tell the full story of a property. And just like a home’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a home’s value lies in […]

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5 Home Improvement Ideas That Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

As a homeowner, the idea of remodeling your home to create your little slice of paradise can be exciting. But before you dive headlong into picking out appliances for your kitchen redo or new tile for a bathroom remodel, you might want to consider an upgrade that is more structural in nature. That’s because the […]

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How to Declutter Your Home (Tips for Each Room)

Few feelings compete with the serenity (and sense of accomplishment) that comes from a freshly tidied home. When the laundry is done and folded, kitchen drawers are organized, and bathroom shelves are in order, relaxation comes naturally. But sometimes, getting to that point isn’t always so simple — the thought of a major home clean-out […]

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Need a Home Refinance Appraisal? Your Top Questions Answered

Headlines about low interest rates may entice you to apply to refinance your house, but did you know a home appraisal is key to getting the interest rate you want? A home refinance appraisal determines your property’s current market value, and in turn, influences the terms of your new loan. Read on to learn how […]

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Renting Out Your House: How to Make Your Home Work for You

We’re all looking for ways to bring in more money these days. And having some extra cash on hand is always a good thing. But instead of making money from home or other side hustles, what if your home was the thing making you money? You might’ve considered renting your home from time to time. […]

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Thinking of Refinancing Your Mortgage? 6 Common Refinance Fees — and the Newest One to Watch for

You’ve likely seen the news: Mortgage rates are at historic lows. That bright spot means you can take advantage of interest rate changes to refinance your home loan. Refinancing could lower your monthly payments, save you money on your loan in the long run, or both. But, if you know the basics of a mortgage […]

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What Is a Cash-out Refinance — and Is Now a Good Time for One?

Have a mortgage refinance on your mind? If you’re considering a mortgage refinance to take advantage of low rates or to free up cash, a cash-out refinance could be your best bet. But what is a cash-out refinance exactly? In a nutshell, it’s a way to borrow money against your home equity by taking out […]

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When Is Refinancing a Mortgage Worth It? Consider These 6 Scenarios

Picture this: The camera zooms in on a couple sitting at their dining room table surrounded by paperwork, a computer, and calculator. It’s a common scene of two homeowners who are thinking about refinancing, but they’re confused by the entire thing – term lengths, interest rates, loan principles, etc. Before yelling “Action!” on your refinance, […]

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