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8 Steps to Refinance Your Mortgage

When you first bought your home, you likely knew the details of your mortgage inside and out. Once the boxes are unpacked and life gets rolling along, it’s easy to get complacent and only think about your home loan when you make that monthly payment. But it’s a good idea to regularly review your mortgage […]

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In-Law Suites: More Room for Mom and Pop

It’s the morning rush before work, and you’re behind schedule. So, you dash into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee wearing just your underwear — and run right into your dad. GULP. It’s becoming more common for aging parents to move in with their grown children. But what’s been dubbed “multigenerational living” can […]

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How Does the Home Refinancing Process Work? A Step-by-Step Look

Mortgage on your mind? A home can be the biggest life purchase for many Americans, so it’s important to have a loan that’s affordable and works for you. But your finances can change over time — and that’s when a home refinance could provide you the financial solution you need.  If you’re considering a refi, […]

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What Is America’s Favorite Room in the House?

Whether you’re trying to up your home’s resale value or just want to upgrade for your own enjoyment, it can be hard to decide which room to renovate. The kitchen? The living room? Or maybe … the bathroom?  It might sound silly, but according to our recent survey, the master bathroom is one of people’s favorite […]

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10 Ideas That Green Your Home — and Your Wallet

Whether you’re starting a huge remodeling project or just giving your house a minor face lift, implementing eco-friendly home improvement strategies not only helps you go green, it saves green, too. Small green home improvements can shave off hundreds of dollars from your energy costs annually, while major ones can boost your home value by […]

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The Answers to Your Most Burning Questions About a Mortgage Refinance

Picture this. You’ve been living in your first home for a few years. Since you made the purchase (congrats, by the way), your credit score has improved, you received a promotion at work, and you’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how to be responsible with your finances. You’re starting to consider refinancing your […]

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How to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency – and Save on Your Utility Bills

We hear and talk a lot about changing habits to save money. It’s true that how we behave day-to-day can affect our finances. But, we can also improve the efficiency of our living space to save money on utility bills without having to change our habits. A more energy-efficient home is good for the planet, […]

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Home Organization Tip: How To Organize Important Home Documents

It happens to all of us. We start searching through important documents for something specific and quickly realize we’ve managed to accumulate mounds of documents, receipts, forms, pamphlets, brochures and notes. Keeping your financial documents in order is key to simplifying your life.  There are many different ways to organize important documents, however, the question […]

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12 Tricks to Achieve Everyday Energy Efficiency

Did you know that in summer 2013, the average American residence was expected to be billed roughly $395 for electricity alone? (That, according to The U.S. Energy Information Administration.) The good news: There are many ways to become more energy efficient, helping you to lower your utility charges and save the environment at the same […]

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Your Yard, Your Playground: Home Renovation Expert Brian Kelsey on How to Get the Most from Your Backyard

When it comes to living the good life, there’s no better time to do it than during the summer. But whether you’re planning a barbeque for your family and friends, or renovating your backyard to make it the hottest spot in your neighborhood, it’s important to keep all the relevant financial concerns in mind. After […]

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