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A HomeReady Mortgage Makes Homebuying for 3% Down a Reality

It’s no secret: Through the years, it’s gotten more expensive to buy a house. In the mid-1970s, it cost an average of $40,000 to buy a new home. Now? Add an extra zero to that number. New homes are selling for an average that’s closer to $400,000. Unfortunately, salaries haven’t accelerated at the same rate. If […]

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Should You Buy or Rent Your First Home?

It’s an age-old question: Should I buy or rent? And while the age-old answer has been “buy, of course,” that’s not always the case for each person. Buying gives you a chance to build equity and get a return on your investment, but the threshold to purchase your first house is high — and it […]

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Federal Rate Changes: Good or Bad for Home Owners?

News headlines about interest rate changes may conjure a range of emotions, from hope to anxiety to confusion. But how does it impact your mortgage rate — and is it a cause for panic? The Federal Reserve (or the Fed for short) changes interest rates from time to time and current global economic changes and […]

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Why Homebuying in the Offseason Should Be In Your Plan

Nobody wants to be lugging a heavy couch in and out of a moving truck in the blistering cold … unless, perhaps, that offseason home purchase could save you thousands of dollars. Turns out, buying a home during the fall and winter can have a flurry of advantages, including less competition and faster closing time. […]

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Do You Need A Real Estate Agent to Buy or Sell Your Home?

The home-buying/selling experience is a deeply personal one. After all, this could be the biggest transaction you ever make. A real estate agent can help simplify confusing paperwork, connect you with the right buyers/sellers, work out deals, and reduce your anxiety about the entire process. But even though working with an agent is the norm […]

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What’s the Difference Between Mortgage Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval?

Buying a house is an exciting time, and it’s natural to want to start your search right away. But before you download the Zillow app in an HGTV-induced haze of wrap-around porches and open floor plans, there are a few things you should consider. For instance: Have you thought about how you’re going to pay […]

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Tips from a Pro for Smart House Flipping

Do you daydream about transforming a 1920s bungalow from moldy to modern? Do you spend your time scouring Zillow for knockout deals? Maybe you’ve dreamed for years of buying a fixer-upper, maybe you had the idea five minutes ago — no matter where you are in the long-haul process of house flipping, this segment of […]

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Millennial, Gen X, or Baby Boomer. Here’s How Your Home Purchases Stack Up

Spacious interior with an open floor plan or a cozy Colonial with well-defined rooms? A Tudor built in the 20s with loads of character or a modern home stocked with all the latest technology and conveniences? When it comes to buying a home, everyone wants something with four walls and a roof overhead. But past […]

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4 Things That Today’s First-Time Homebuyers Are Doing Right

Sometimes it feels like you can’t escape the headlines about how your generation — the millennials — are shaking things up. How you avoid malls, choose to marry and have kids later, contribute to the demise of chain restaurants and look to gain social good from your investments, not just financial returns — essentially challenging […]

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Mortgage Matchmaking: Swipe Right on the Right Mortgage for You

Dating apps like Bumble and Hinge make searching for your soulmate as easy as swiping left or right. The seemingly endless possibilities of a match can make it hard to commit. But unlike daters who may think their perfect partner is only a few swipes away, it might be harder for homebuyers to figure out […]

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