Just like the consumers they serve, the months of April and May find many retailers in spring-cleaning mode. With new products launching during the first warm months of the year, many businesses are eager to get rid of items that are no longer in season. In addition, springtime often finds an increase of homes on the market and used vehicles on the lot.

1. Purchasing a Home and Starting Landscaping Projects

Springtime often finds the largest number of homes on the market. Sellers tend to spruce up their homes once good weather arrives, and families with children often prefer selling in the spring so they can move and get their kids settled in a new school in time for the new school year. This influx of property can give you the selection you need — and it makes real-estate professionals extra-attentive.

If you’re looking to make improvements to your current home, this might be the time to invest in new landscaping. The big landscaping season is usually in the summer, so spring can give consumers access to better service and more negotiating power.

2. Mattresses, Vacuum Cleaners, Laptops and TVs

Many manufacturers release new product models in late spring or early summer, including makers of mattresses, vacuum cleaners, laptops, and TVs. Stores are eager to sell their existing inventory to make room for newer models, often using clearance sales to make this happen. While all of these items typically come with high price tags, purchasing them in the spring can provide you with big savings.

3. Amusement Park Tickets

That summer trip to an amusement park may be weeks or months away, but there’s no reason to wait on buying tickets. Thinking ahead and buying advance tickets to your favorite park will generally get you access to special sales, as will planning a trip during off-peak times. Be sure to keep you eyes out for any midweek deals, when foot traffic to the parks slow considerably.

Have you saved money by buying a home in April or May? Are there other items you find are less expensive during spring?