Will There Be a Summer Stock Market Slowdown?

Monday is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. Usually, Memorial Day weekend marks pool openings, BBQs, beach trips, and the beginning of warmer weather. It’s also typically the first weekend of the stock market’s summer break, when investors tend to focus a little less on the markets and a little more on vacations and […]


Growth vs. Value: The Debate Continues

Often, investors view the market with either a growth or value mindset. While each style has its own merits, growth investors are typically more comfortable investing in companies they think can deliver above-average returns, while generally taking on a higher level of risk. Value investors prefer flocking to stocks that typically have more muted (but […]


What Are Unsettled Funds?

Before the internet enabled money to be instantly transferable, owning a stock meant possessing a physical stock certificate, and trading a security required several days to complete. That’s why the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) created settlement periods — to allow time for buyers and sellers to physically exchange their respective halves of the trade. […]


The Recession Road Map

You are here. It’s likely no surprise that we’re in an economic recession. On Wednesday, data showed gross domestic product (GDP) dropped 4.8% last quarter (on an annualized basis) after U.S. economic activity ground to a halt in March. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg currently estimate GDP will slide another 27.3% in the second quarter as […]


The Tax Implications of ETFs vs. Mutual Funds

Whether you’re a financial aficionado, an economic experimenter, or have recently taken an interest in investments, it’s hard to deny that investing can be exciting and empowering. It allows you to take control of your financial future, generate passive income, and grow your wealth. And you don’t have to be well-versed in Wall Street jargon […]


Mayhem in the Oil Market

Oil prices swung wildly this week, capturing the attention of both Wall Street and Main Street. The price of the May West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures contract fell to -$37.63 on Monday. You read that right, negative $37.63. It was the first time in history that oil prices fell into negative territory. In […]


Is Investing in REITs Right for You?

When you begin investing, stocks and bonds may be a natural place to start. These types of securities can help you build a base for your investment portfolio, whether you’re in it for the long-run (e.g. retirement) or working toward shorter-term goals. But once you’ve found your footing in the market, you may be itching […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Stocks Online

You can buy almost anything online these days, from the mundane — lightbulbs, diapers — to the downright weird. (Bacon-flavored dental floss, anyone?) Like adding items to your digital cart, buying stocks online can be straightforward. The hard part is for you to determine which stocks (and/or other securities) you’re going to buy for your […]


Custodial Accounts: The Gift Your Kids Won’t Outgrow

It’s easy to get stuck in short-term mode. Especially when you’re juggling family life and accruing new expenses like your tween’s cell phone plan or your parent’s home health visits. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a financial fairy godmother (or godfather) to grant you just a few more hours in a day to focus […]


Earnings: A Roadblock in the Recovery?

Stocks have staged one of the most impressive rallies in recent history, despite a wall of uncertainty. Proactive policy measures, hope for a quick economic restart and coronavirus drug development fueled the rebound. Potentially threatening the recent move is the start of first-quarter earnings season, which could be the S&P 500 Index’s worst in 11 […]

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