Everything You Need to Know About Researching Stocks

Tesla, Apple, Amazon … you know the companies, and you’ve probably heard them mentioned in stock market news a time or two. But how do you know if these stocks (or any stocks for that matter) are right for your portfolio? If you aren’t sure how to pick stocks, where do you even begin? You […]


Trading vs. Investing: What’s the Difference?

Two runners sign up to run a race. One runs at a consistent, comfortable speed all the way to the finish line. The other alternates between bursts of sprinting and periods of walking. It’s hard to predict who will win — much like it’s difficult to say which approach, between trading vs. investing, will put […]

Mutual Funds

The Ins and Outs of Bond Mutual Funds

Want in on bonds but don’t know which to pick or where to start? Bond mutual funds could be worth exploring. When it comes to this type of investment, the name says it all. Just like a stock mutual fund invests in a basket of equities of numerous companies, a bond mutual fund invests in […]


Investing in Your Community: How to Buy Municipal Bonds

Did you know public improvement projects like highway repairs, school renovations, sewer system updates, and more can all be affected by the securities in your portfolio? That is, if you invest in municipal bonds — a.k.a. “munis.” If this type of investment piques your interest, but you’re wondering how to buy municipal bonds, read on. […]


Combating the Racial Wealth Gap: A Conversation with Lule Demmissie and Anna N’Jie-Konte

Building wealth is one instrumental part of financial planning, whether to accumulate savings or grow an investment account to move closer to a specific goal or lifestyle. Wealth creation is the steady build-up of income and assets over a period of time — but historically, the Black community has faced systemic barriers to building wealth. […]


What You Should Know About Treasury Bonds and How to Buy Them

Investing is all about finding a balance between risk and reward. Want to invest in a hot-shot new tech startup? You could make it big — but you could also lose significantly, and that level of risk may not suit your needs and goals. Prefer to keep your capital secure with relatively little risk (in […]


ETF Basics for Beginners

Diving into the stock market head-first can be intimidating — where do you even begin? If you’re a self-directed investor, the idea of having to pick out all your own investments could be enough to keep you from getting started. But rather than just focusing on individual stocks, getting started with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) might […]


What is an IPO and Other Investing Questions Answered

If you heard someone talking about a unicorn undergoing an IPO, you might think it was gibberish at first. But on Wall Street these days, it’s not a fantasy phenomenon — it’s a real situation. Read on for answers to all your questions from “What is an IPO?” to “What does a unicorn have to […]


Stock Market Ups and Downs: How Do You Keep From Freaking Out?

Rapid changes in the market can cause some investors to fret — frantically checking on their shares and wondering if they should make a move. Market ups or downs have the potential to bring investors big losses or attractive gains, so this behavior is understandable. But, as the saying goes, “Change is inevitable” — and, […]


Market Snapshot: Can You Determine If It’s a Bull or Bear?

In the wild, you probably won’t find bulls and bears interacting with each other. But when it comes to the stock market, it’s a whole other story. These beasts are always poised to take position … metaphorically, that is. Market conditions are typically described as either “bull” or “bear” depending on the long-term directional movement […]

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