Scared of Bear Markets? Here’s What You Need to Know

When a bear attacks, often out of fear, it swipes at its prey with its claws in a downward motion. According to one theory, this swooping down movement is the basis for the name of a bear market. You hear the term “bear market,” (as well as its counterpart, “bull market”), used all the time […]


Investing Knowledge: What Is a Bull Market?

When you picture a bull, you probably think of a forceful animal lunging forward with its horns held high. The imagery of a powerful bull, brought to life by artist Arturo Di Modica’s “Charging Bull” sculpture in New York City, has long been a symbol of strength and optimism on Wall Street. So, it’s little […]


Investing in Uncertain Times

If you’re feeling a little lost on your investing journey right now, you’re not alone. Stocks are pushing back towards record highs, yet “uncertainty” is still the buzz word as investors face a host of complicated issues: a global pandemic, civil unrest, China tensions, and several others. Many investors called this year’s selloff the opportunity […]


The Importance of Rebalancing Your Portfolio

When you strive to live a healthy (and happy) lifestyle, it’s all about finding balance. For some that might mean following a pizza dinner with a salad the next night, and for others balance might look like taking a morning walk three times a week and sleeping in the other days. Whatever balance looks like […]


Are You a Female Finance Superhero? Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz

When it comes to investing, many women agree that knowledge and confidence go hand-in-hand as key factors for getting started. In fact, nearly 90% of women say having more financial education would make them feel more self-assured in managing their money. Especially during times of market volatility and economic uncertainty, feeling more certain in your […]


Stocks Break Free

Stocks tend to follow the fundamentals over the long-term. But lately, it’s been all about the technicals.   When we talk about “technicals,” we’re referring to technical analysis – the study of trading patterns, trends, and key levels in securities that can be helpful in determining stocks’ next moves.  For the past month, the S&P 500 has been stuck in a trading range bound by two important […]


Will There Be a Summer Stock Market Slowdown?

Monday is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. Usually, Memorial Day weekend marks pool openings, BBQs, beach trips, and the beginning of warmer weather. It’s also typically the first weekend of the stock market’s summer break, when investors tend to focus a little less on the markets and a little more on vacations and […]


Growth vs. Value: The Debate Continues

Often, investors view the market with either a growth or value mindset. While each style has its own merits, growth investors are typically more comfortable investing in companies they think can deliver above-average returns, while generally taking on a higher level of risk. Value investors prefer flocking to stocks that typically have more muted (but […]


What Are Unsettled Funds?

Before the internet enabled money to be instantly transferable, owning a stock meant possessing a physical stock certificate, and trading a security required several days to complete. That’s why the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) created settlement periods — to allow time for buyers and sellers to physically exchange their respective halves of the trade. […]


The Recession Road Map

You are here. It’s likely no surprise that we’re in an economic recession. On Wednesday, data showed gross domestic product (GDP) dropped 4.8% last quarter (on an annualized basis) after U.S. economic activity ground to a halt in March. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg currently estimate GDP will slide another 27.3% in the second quarter as […]

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