Wealth Building

Questions to ask when choosing a financial advisor

Have you ever elbowed your cubemate, your brother or a friend and asked, “Hey, how do you choose a financial advisor?” or “What do you ask a financial advisor?” If so, here’s a great place to start. When you’re planning to get guidance from a financial advisor, you want to make sure you’re in good […]


What is a SPAC? Everything you need to know

A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a publicly traded company created on paper for the purpose of acquiring or merging with a private company. Through the merger or acquisition, the private company becomes publicly traded and has access to the capital markets. SPACs, sometimes called “shell companies” or “blank check companies,” increased in popularity […]


Decoding cryptocurrency: What is Bitcoin mining?

Similar to 19th century prospectors mining for gold, some of today’s tech pioneers are mining Bitcoin to obtain this trending digital currency. What does Bitcoin mining mean when Bitcoin is a currency that only exists digitally? What it means to mine Bitcoin Traditional and physical currencies are typically printed and put into circulation by a […]


ESG governance: What is the ‘G’ in ESG?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has become a mainstream way to invest. ESG criteria relates to a set of socially conscious standards that you can use to filter the types of investments you put in your portfolio. These criteria allow you to align your investments with your core values. You may already know what each […]

Wealth Building

How Financial Advisors Can Help a Hands-on Investor

Self-directed investing puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to building a portfolio. You decide when to press on the gas or hit the brakes, so to say, when buying and/or selling securities. You also get to determine which asset allocation model works for you. Managing your own trades and investment decisions can […]


The Rookie’s Course on Options Trading With Expert Brian Overby

Options trading can help you diversify your portfolio beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But what are options exactly? And how do you get started with options trading? This rookie’s course answers those questions and more. Options trading basics What is an option? In simple terms, it’s a contract that gives an investor the right […]

Wealth Building

My Money Story: Embracing My Spending Tendencies and Advocating for Financial Education

What are some money lessons you’ve learned? After college, I started a Money Club with my friends, where we explored various topics including budgeting, credit and reducing debt. I found that so many of my friends shared the story of carrying debt and building credit, while financially supporting extended family members and tirelessly saving for […]


Rule of 72: What It Is and How to Calculate It

In the words of Albert Einstein, “There is no force in the universe more powerful than compound interest.” But what can that “force” do for your investments? And how does the Rule of 72 apply? Let’s dig into these questions and more because the answers can transform how you look at your investments. What is […]


How Do Experts Think About Crypto? 3 Investors Weigh in

We can’t seem to have a conversation about investing without talking about cryptocurrencies. While digital currencies are not exactly a new concept, the last few years have seen crypto take off in a big way as more celebrities, experts and everyday investors get involved. What do experienced investors think about the trend and what words […]


How to Invest in Commodities

You can invest in hundreds of types of investments, but how do you know whether commodities deserve a place in your portfolio? Is it good to invest in commodities? Let’s start by walking through the definition of commodity investing, the different types of commodities and how to buy them through various vehicles (stocks, ETFs, futures). […]

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