Uncharted Territory: A Look at 5 Trendy Stock Categories

Deciding which stock to buy is a little like choosing where to eat dinner. You could go with a tried-and-true favorite, like the Italian place around the corner that has THE BEST spaghetti carbonara. Or … you could take a gamble on the trendy new place all your friends are talking about. (CBD-infused cocktails, anyone?) […]


Move Over, Stocks. It’s Time to Make Way for Bonds

When it comes to investing, stocks usually get all the love. They make headlines, drive growth, and can often account for big movement in your portfolio. Bonds, on the other hand … well, what exactly are bonds? Millennials of a certain age might instantly think of a savings bond masquerading as a birthday gift from […]

Mutual Funds

Why Your Risk Appetite Matters for Building a Diversified Portfolio

When it comes to investing, you know that diversification is the name of the game. That’s because a diversified portfolio can help you manage risk. Think of it this way: You’re going on vacation to someplace warm and sunny. You pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, towels, and flip flops — everything you need for a beach […]


5 Strategies for Investing in a Down Market

We don’t know when and we don’t know how … but the bear is coming. The next bear market (aka, down market), that is. That’s the prevailing wisdom of many financial experts who have been predicting a slowdown in the stock market for more than a year now. They’re likely correct. The U.S. is currently […]


When One of Your Stocks Suffers a Scandal, Should You Keep Calm and Invest On?

Even the best companies experience terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. It could be a privacy issue, environmental disaster, product issue, bacterial outbreak, or any number of other situations that wreaks havoc. The fallout could include social media outrage, 24-hour news coverage, or thousands of customers swearing off a company for good. Recent incidents […]


Confused by Put Options? Answers to Your Most Common Questions

You’ve probably heard the phrases, “What goes up, must come down” and “All good things must come to an end” when someone talks about the end of a bull run in the stock market. Both of those statements infer that your investments can only grow in value when the market is rising. But what if […]


Is Socially Responsible Investing Right for You?

You invest to build wealth and create financial security, but what if your portfolio could also benefit the greater good? Well, thanks to socially responsible investing (SRI), it can. Socially responsible investing is an investment strategy based on choosing socially conscious investments, thus doing your part to make the world a better place. And, in […]


The Basics of Call Options (and How They Can Be Used as Part of Your Investment Strategy)

The emerald-cut rock you slipped on your partner’s finger while down on bended knee was a symbol of your intent to marry. But in some instances — for one reason or another — that diamond might not turn into an “I do.” You can think of a call option as the engagement ring of the […]


How Covered Calls Can Fit into Your Investment Strategy

Ok, so you may not be a professional day trader. But you are the type of investor who prefers trading individual stocks, options, and other securities on your own. So you’re always on the lookout for different approaches to implement within your own investment strategy. One option trading strategy that has gained momentum among DIY […]


Turn ‘Can’t Even’ Into ‘I Got This’ With This Interactive Investing Guide

In an Ally Invest survey of U.S. adults, we found nearly 66% of Millennials said they found investing to be intimidating or downright scary. To help you get the proverbial investing monster out of the closet, we launched this GenZ- and Millennial-friendly e-book titled: The Clutch Guide to Investing. Click to read The Clutch Guide to Investing […]

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