Investing in Forex vs. Stocks

How you invest your money, and what you invest in, are personal choices based on a number of factors: your risk tolerance, time horizon, investment skills, interests, and goals. Want to back sustainable businesses or invest in a range of industries? Stocks and ETFs might be for you. Interested in different global currencies? Forex could […]


What Your Risk Tolerance Reveals About Your Dating Style

Taking risks — big and small — is a part of life. Whether it’s planning your ideal date night with your significant other (do you fall back on your long-time favorite restaurant, or roll the dice with something new?) or designing your investment strategy, your tolerance for risk can play a major role in how […]


You’re Conservative, She’s Risky: How to Invest Together

Money plays a significant role in many stages of relationships, from date one to planning a wedding. Once you’re well beyond the who’s going to pay dinner-date-wallet-dance phase and possibly married or planning on it in the future, it may be time to step into a new frontier of financial conversations: investing together. Whether you’re […]


African Americans Who Broke Barriers on Wall Street

It’s hard to imagine an industry with a history more patrician than that of Wall Street. For at least the first 150 years, it was a place that offered no opportunity for women or people of color. But as was the case in many industries throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s, a small group of […]


ESG Investing: Connecting Your Wallet With Your Heart

We all have causes and initiatives that matter a lot to us personally. Whether it’s a certain charity or specific movement, we’re willing to show our support through donations, volunteering, or other initiatives. We also tend to align with like-minded people, with many relationships forming through charity associations, passion projects, volunteer organizations, or activist groups. […]

Mutual Funds

4 Alternative Investment Options that Can Grow Your Wealth

When everyone else zigs, do you zag? Is the road less traveled your preferred route? Maybe you’re an adventurer, a thrill seeker, or an off-the-beaten pathtaker. No matter how you say it, sticking to the norm just isn’t your thing. So, when it comes to money and building your wealth, you want to explore all […]


A Recipe for Investing: The Basics of ETFs

You’ve probably heard the old adage “variety is the spice of life.” But what about its lesser known counterpart, “variety is the spice of investing”? Ok, we might’ve made that one up, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Holding a mix of investments in your portfolio (a.k.a. diversification) is not only the spice, […]


Swing Trading Strategies

When it comes to running, are you more of a 100-meter sprint person or a marathon runner? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, like a 10K? When it comes to trading stocks, you could say that swing trading is the equivalent of a middle-distance race, like the 10K. Day traders are the sprinters of […]


What Is an ETF: 6 Things Investors Should Know

Let’s face it. In the world of investing, it feels like stocks get all the attention. So, it seems like they would be a natural place to start if you’re a beginner investor. But what if we told you there was a way to invest in numerous — we’re talking hundreds or thousands — of […]


REIT Investing: What Is a REIT?

When you hear the words “invest in real estate,” what comes to mind? Is it a second home, a plot of land, a rental apartment complex, or a luxury hotel? Even if you already invest in stocks and bonds and have an IRA and/or a retirement fund, you may only associate investing in real estate […]

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