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How to automate your Ally Invest deposits

What we'll cover

  • Tips for new Ally Invest customers to automate deposits

  • How to set automatic deposits in your Ally Invest Robo Portfolio

  • How to monitor and update your recurring deposits

Whether it’s your first foray into robo portfolios or you’re a seasoned investor with years of experience under your belt, there’s one thing we’re certain will make your life simpler: automated deposits. In fact, we think automated deposits make investing downright easy because it takes away the stress of transferring money and rethinking how much every month. 

Automating your investment deposits is also a great way to ensure you’re not using your investment funds on other things. That money won’t ever just sit around for you to eat into — it’ll be doing hard work for you in your robo portfolio.

At Ally Invest , you can set up automated deposits into your Ally Invest Robo Portfolio with just a few clicks — for no fee. Here’s how. 

For new Ally Invest customers

Congratulations, you’re way ahead of the game, because you’re already thinking about automating your deposits!

Setting up automated deposits to your account will be super easy — because it’s right there on the account application. Go ahead and start your application. Once you get to the “Transfers” prompt, jump down to step three in the next section. 

Robo portfolio automations can make your investment life simpler by taking a few tasks off your to-do list 

For existing Ally Invest customers

Setting up automated deposits from your bank account to your Ally Invest account is quick and easy. Just follow these steps: 

  • Go to and log in with your username and password

  • Choose “Transfers” and then “Investments"

Arrow pointing to Investments on the Ally Invest page with a selection of transfers in the left column  (bank transfers, wire, check, from another firm, between Ally Invest accounts. Manage, activity, manage other accounts).

  • Select “Bank Transfers”

  • Select “Deposit” and fill out the following information as prompted:

    To Account

    From Account

    Note: If your From Account is not at Ally, you’ll need to link it at this point. Select “Add an account at a different institution” and follow the prompts.



    Deliver on (date of first transfer)

Arrow pointing to ‘Next’ on the investment transfer’s page with a choice to deposit or withdraw from account.  To, from, amount, frequency and deliver on are choices that need to be filled out.
  • Select “Next"

  • Review your transfer request and select “Submit"

Arrow pointing to “submit” with “review your transfer request.”
  • Your deposits are now automated!

If you want to view or edit your recurring deposit after setting it up, follow the above prompts and select “Activity” instead of “Bank Transfers.” You’ll be able to see and manage your transfers with ease. 

Scheduled and history information are shown with; dates, descriptions, status, amounts and actions.

Make room for your financial future

Now that your deposits are all automated, what’s next on your list? Once you automate your deposits, you may find you have more time and energy to spend on other things — like focusing on your other investing endeavors. 

Stay informed about your accounts with Ally Invests banking & investing apps; they are available on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store , where all your account details are at your fingertips. You can also get help at or 855-880-ALLY (2559). 

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