Headshot of Lindsey BellLindsey Bell is Ally Invest’s Chief Investment Strategist, responsible for shaping the company’s point of view on investing and the global markets. She is also President of Ally Invest Advisors, responsible for its robo advisory offerings. Lindsey has a broad background in finance, with experience on the buy-side and sell-side, in research, and in investment banking, and has held roles at JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, and CFRA Research.

Lindsey holds a passion for teaching individuals how to become successful long-term investors. She frequently shares her knowledge as a guest on national news outlets such as CNBC, CNN, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg News. She also serves on the board of Better Investing, a non-profit organization focused on investment education.


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Lindsey Bell shares her expert take on market moves and more.

A Market Wake-up Call

IPOs: Boom or Bust?


Putting Today’s Turbulence in Perspective

School-From-Home Savings? Not Quite

Sending Mixed Signals

New Highs — Now What?

Thoughts on a Record High

Vibing on Value Stocks

Splitting the Apple 90s Style

Ending a Dizzying Week on a High Note

Going Over the (Fiscal Stimulus) Cliff

Decoding the Fear Index

Earnings Season: Keep Your Eye on the 2021 Outlook

Q3 Outlook: Proceed With Caution

Tech Tops a Shaky Market

Volatility Returns Near Record Highs

Investing in Uncertain Times

Riding the Wave of Liquidity

Stocks Break Free

Will There Be a Summer Stock Market Slowdown?

As The Tide Turns (in Stocks)

Growth vs. Value: The Debate Continues

The Recession Road Map

What to Know About Your Retirement Accounts Right Now

Mayhem in the Oil Market

Earnings: A Roadblock in the Recovery?

A Bull, or a Bear in a Bull Costume?

Q2 Outlook: Opportunity on an Uncertain Path

Market Mood Swings as Stocks Take a Breather

Thinking Through Your Finances in Uncertain Times

Fiscal Stimulus Is Here. Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Extraordinary Times in the Stock Market

The Fed Throws a Hail Mary — Cuts Interest Rates a Second Time

Don’t Fear the Bear

Riding the Waves of a Volatile Stock Market

An Emergency Rate Cut: Our Perspective

Our Perspective on the Coronavirus Correction

Rethinking Retirement: Change Your Mindset, Transform Your Future

2020 Market Outlook: Vision Mixed

Holiday Market Moves: Santa Claus Rally or Seasonal Strength?

Q4 2019 Market Outlook: Stay Calm. And Invested.

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Lindsey Bell is co-host of Stock Play of the Day, airing every Monday at 12 p.m. ET on YouTube. See episode list.