Mom Knows Best. Why This One-Size-Fits-Every-Kid Gift Should Be on Your Shopping List.

It’s easy to get stuck in short-term mode. Especially when you’re juggling family life and accruing new expenses like your tween’s cell phone plan or your parent’s home health visits. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a financial fairy godmother (or godfather) to grant you just a few more hours in a day to focus […]


Technical Analysis Explained

What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is the practice of gauging a stock’s future price fluctuations by analyzing past activity. This method involves looking for specific chart patterns and examining other historical data related to price and volume. To give you some perspective, let’s contrast this with fundamental analysis. As the name suggests, this approach […]


Long Common Stock

When you own common stock, you hope that the firm will be profitable and you’ll share in the benefit of those profits. If you own a dividend-paying stock, you want to receive excellent dividends and you’d like to see a decent increase in stock price. Some investors feel the higher the dividend, the less they […]


Managing Stock Positions

Common methods: Scaling Scaling refers to a somewhat systematic approach of getting in or out of a position in phases instead of all at once. Those phases are defined by share or dollar increments up to your maximum investment. The key to using this method is the planning is done in advance (see pyramiding up), […]


Long Common Stock on Margin

The Strategy This strategy is similar to long common stock , but on steroids. That’s because when buying stock on margin you normally put up only half of the money to purchase the stock and borrow the other half from your broker. Although the benefit of trading on margin is a boost to your available […]


Stock Basics: An Investor’s Guide

Everybody knows the old maxim buy low, sell high, and we all hear rumors around the water cooler about stocks that are poised to take off. Some people think that's all you need to know to make a killing in the stock market. Those people are wrong. Before you begin to invest in stocks or […]


Fundamental Analysis Explained: Balance Sheets

Reading a balance sheet: Assets Balance sheets provide a snapshot of how the company's assets (the value a company takes in) are balanced out against its liabilities (what the company must pay out). When assets equal liabilities plus equity, that's when the statement is said to be in balance. Assets include company resources that are […]


Fundamental Analytics Explained: Cash Flow Statements

The cash flow statement helps investors answer questions like: Is the company generating enough cash needed to fund growth? Is growth outpacing cash generation, requiring additional financing? Is the company generating enough cash to cover its short-term needs? In times of easy credit, companies may be able to patch over cash flow interruptions with interim […]


Fundamental Analytics Explained: Income Statements

Reading an income statement: Revenues and Costs The income statement gives a more detailed answer to a critical question for any investor: is the company making money? A well-known expression the bottom line comes from income statements. Specifically, it refers to a company's net income. While this is obviously an important figure, it's worth reviewing […]


Fundamental Analysis Explained: An Introduction

Fundamental analysis is sometimes considered to be a foundation of solid investing. It helps you determine the underlying health of a company by examining the business' core numbers: income statements, earnings releases, balance sheets, and other indicators of economic health. From these fundamentals, potential investors can evaluate if a stock is under- or over-valued. Fundamental […]

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