2020 Market Outlook: Vision Mixed

As we look back a decade ago, the stock market had just endured a two-year sell-off, and the unemployment rate was at 9.9% (just shy of the 10% peak reached months earlier in October 2009). Combined, these realities made the idea of investing money in the stock market a hard pill to swallow for many […]


Holiday Market Moves: Santa Claus Rally or Seasonal Strength?

As we head into December, market strength is adding to the holiday cheer of investors. The S&P 500 is 24% higher year-to-date — its best year-to-date performance since 2013. Admittedly, that performance didn’t come easily as trade uncertainties, geopolitical issues, Federal Reserve policy, reduced corporate spending, and CEO confidence weighed on investors’ minds. In 2019, […]


Q4 2019 Market Outlook: Stay Calm. And Invested. 

If you’ve been watching the stock market on a daily basis over the past month and a half, you might feel emotionally exhausted from the increased volatility, or big swings, in the market. To blame? A combination of several items, including disappointing economic data points (manufacturing and services data), uncertainty regarding trade tensions between the […]


Uncharted Territory: A Look at 5 Trendy Stock Categories

Deciding which stock to buy is a little like choosing where to eat dinner. You could go with a tried-and-true favorite, like the Italian place around the corner that has THE BEST spaghetti carbonara. Or … you could take a gamble on the trendy new place all your friends are talking about. (CBD-infused cocktails, anyone?) […]


When One of Your Stocks Suffers a Scandal, Should You Keep Calm and Invest On?

Even the best companies experience terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. It could be a privacy issue, environmental disaster, product issue, bacterial outbreak, or any number of other situations that wreaks havoc. The fallout could include social media outrage, 24-hour news coverage, or thousands of customers swearing off a company for good. Recent incidents […]


Mom Knows Best. Why This One-Size-Fits-Every-Kid Gift Should Be on Your Shopping List.

It’s easy to get stuck in short-term mode. Especially when you’re juggling family life and accruing new expenses like your tween’s cell phone plan or your parent’s home health visits. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a financial fairy godmother (or godfather) to grant you just a few more hours in a day to focus […]


Technical Analysis Explained

What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is the practice of gauging a stock’s future price fluctuations by analyzing past activity. This method involves looking for specific chart patterns and examining other historical data related to price and volume. To give you some perspective, let’s contrast this with fundamental analysis. As the name suggests, this approach […]


Long Common Stock

When you own common stock, you hope that the firm will be profitable and you’ll share in the benefit of those profits. If you own a dividend-paying stock, you want to receive excellent dividends and you’d like to see a decent increase in stock price. Some investors feel the higher the dividend, the less they […]


Managing Stock Positions

Common methods: Scaling Scaling refers to a somewhat systematic approach of getting in or out of a position in phases instead of all at once. Those phases are defined by share or dollar increments up to your maximum investment. The key to using this method is the planning is done in advance (see pyramiding up), […]


Long Common Stock on Margin

The Strategy This strategy is similar to long common stock , but on steroids. That’s because when buying stock on margin you normally put up only half of the money to purchase the stock and borrow the other half from your broker. Although the benefit of trading on margin is a boost to your available […]

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