In an Ally Invest survey of U.S. adults, we found nearly 66% of Millennials said they found investing to be intimidating or downright scary. To help you get the proverbial investing monster out of the closet, we launched this GenZ- and Millennial-friendly e-book titled: The Clutch Guide to Investing.

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What’s Inside: 

Included in the 18-page e-book are six brief sections that walk readers through the following:

  • What’s holding many young adults back from investing and how to keep those fears in check
  • A quick primer on investing and the terms every would-be investor should know
  • Where the reader fits in vis-à-vis his/her peers when it comes to finances
  • Matching different investing approaches with individuals’ personal styles, preferences and tolerance for risk
  • Tips for getting started (spoiler alert: Skipping the daily latte can compound into nearly $100K over 30 years!)
  • Answers to readers’ deepest, darkest investing concerns


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