Decoding cryptocurrency: What is Bitcoin mining?

Similar to 19th century prospectors mining for gold, some of today’s tech pioneers are mining Bitcoin to obtain this trending digital currency. What does Bitcoin mining mean when Bitcoin is a currency that only exists digitally? What it means to mine Bitcoin Traditional and physical currencies are typically printed and put into circulation by a […]


What is hyperinflation and what causes it?

Can you imagine a loaf of bread costing $2 and by the end of the month it costs $10 or more? What do you do if your paper money buys less every day until it becomes worthless? While most of us can’t imagine that extreme happening, it has happened to other countries and has, in […]


23 Bizarre Investing Terms, Explained

From baseball’s food-themed pickle and rhubarb to photography’s Uncle Bob and Shutter Nutters, seemingly every industry has insider vocabulary. If you’re thinking about investing in the market, you might’ve come across some odd investing terminology. But don’t let it act as a roadblock to building wealth. Deciphering stock market lingo isn’t remotely as tough as, […]


Rule of 72: What It Is and How to Calculate It

In the words of Albert Einstein, “There is no force in the universe more powerful than compound interest.” But what can that “force” do for your investments? And how does the Rule of 72 apply? Let’s dig into these questions and more because the answers can transform how you look at your investments. What is […]


How Do Experts Think About Crypto? 3 Investors Weigh in

We can’t seem to have a conversation about investing without talking about cryptocurrencies. While digital currencies are not exactly a new concept, the last few years have seen crypto take off in a big way as more celebrities, experts and everyday investors get involved. What do experienced investors think about the trend and what words […]


How to Invest in Commodities

You can invest in hundreds of types of investments, but how do you know whether commodities deserve a place in your portfolio? Is it good to invest in commodities? Let’s start by walking through the definition of commodity investing, the different types of commodities and how to buy them through various vehicles (stocks, ETFs, futures). […]


Crypto 101: What Is Blockchain and How Does It Work With Crypto?

Cryptocurrency continues to be a hot topic in financial circles. Whether you hear about it via news headlines or in a subreddit you check daily, you may be considering investing in it … even if you’re unsure how it works. If this sounds like you, learning about blockchain can be a great place to start. […]


How Does Inflation Impact Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency and inflation. These two were supposed to have a close relationship — when inflation got hot, crypto was supposed to get hotter. The result being potential protection for the buying power of your money. And yet, as inflation has increased at the fastest pace in decades, crypto has been so volatile this relationship has […]


Stagflation vs. Inflation: How Your Portfolio Can Navigate These Market Trends

You don’t need to be an economist to know that when inflation sets in, your money doesn’t go as far. In simple terms, inflation is an overall increase in prices — whether you’re at the grocery store, the mall or shopping from your favorite online retailer. When rising prices are accompanied by a slowing economy […]


Do You Plan for Taxes or React to Them? Considerations When Investing

Surprises. Some people love them. Others hate them. Regardless of which way you lean, the last place you want to be surprised is in your wallet. But that could easily happen if you’re not planning ahead for the taxes you may owe on your investments. Whether you’re a fan or foe of surprises, these suggestions […]

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