22 Bizarre Investing Terms, Explained

From baseball’s food-themed pickle and rhubarb to photography’s Uncle Bob and Shutter Nutters, seemingly every industry has insider vocabulary. If you’re thinking about investing in the market, you might’ve come across some odd investing terminology. But don’t let it act as a roadblock to building wealth. Deciphering stock market lingo isn’t remotely as tough as, […]


Start Investing: Digital Tools to Track Your Investments

When you hear a song but can’t place the title or artist, you Shazam it. And if there’s a person, place, thing or idea that you want to know more about, chances are, you hit up Wikipedia. So when you need help tracking your investments and potential wealth building opportunities, follow suit and try these […]


Understanding the Tax Implications of Stock Trading

Whether you mapped out an investment strategy for months or certain stock news quickly piqued your interest in the market, you might not have given much thought to your taxes. Read on to learn how investment returns can impact your tax return. Taxes on Stocks Investing in and trading stocks can be a great tool […]


D.I.Y. Investing: 5 Things to Know Before You Get Started

Sometimes you just want to take matters into your own hands, especially when it comes to your money. After all, you know your capacity for risk and your long-term financial goals better than anyone else. If this rings true to you, a D.I.Y. investing approach could be just what your portfolio needs. But if you’re […]


Trading vs. Investing: What’s the Difference?

Two runners sign up to run a race. One runs at a consistent, comfortable speed all the way to the finish line. The other alternates between bursts of sprinting and periods of walking. It’s hard to predict who will win — much like it’s difficult to say which approach, between trading vs. investing, will put […]


Stock Market Ups and Downs: How Do You Keep From Freaking Out?

Rapid changes in the market can cause some investors to fret — frantically checking on their shares and wondering if they should make a move. Market ups or downs have the potential to bring investors big losses or attractive gains, so this behavior is understandable. But, as the saying goes, “Change is inevitable” — and, […]


Market Snapshot: Can You Determine If It’s a Bull or Bear?

In the wild, you probably won’t find bulls and bears interacting with each other. But when it comes to the stock market, it’s a whole other story. These beasts are always poised to take position … metaphorically, that is. Market conditions are typically described as either “bull” or “bear” depending on the long-term directional movement […]


Lule Demmissie and Lindsey Bell: The Women Moving Ally Invest Forward

As two successful women who have risen through the ranks at leading investment banks and financial research firms, Ally Invest’s Lule Demmissie and Lindsey Bell have firsthand knowledge about the excitement of investing. But they also recognize the areas in which the industry has room to grow. We spoke with these inspirational individuals about overcoming […]


Are You a Female Finance Superhero? Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz

When it comes to investing, many women agree that knowledge and confidence go hand-in-hand as key factors for getting started. In fact, nearly 90% of women say having more financial education would make them feel more self-assured in managing their money. Especially during times of market volatility and economic uncertainty, feeling more certain in your […]

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