Wealth Building

How Financial Advisors Can Help a Hands-on Investor

Self-directed investing puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to building a portfolio. You decide when to press on the gas or hit the brakes, so to say, when buying and/or selling securities. You also get to determine which asset allocation model works for you. Managing your own trades and investment decisions can […]

Wealth Building

Goal Setting vs. Advising: How Our Wealth Advisors Give You Both

As you travel through the journey of life, new goals and challenges constantly arise. Maybe you go to school to become an engineer, but it turns out working with animals is your life’s calling. Perhaps you always saw yourself living in your beloved hometown, but that all changes when you fall in love with someone […]

Wealth Building

Need Money to Make Money? Strategies to Start Building Wealth

You’ve heard the adage: You need money to make money. While this common financial advice may sound a little counterintuitive on the surface, the nugget of truth underpinning it is the reason it’s so popular. Wealth can seem like a word that only belongs to those who already have it. The gap between saving and […]

Wealth Building

Robo Advisor vs. Financial Advisor: Which Is the Best Fit for You?

How do you prefer to handle your money? You probably know intuitively based on how you manage your everyday activities. Preferring to call and order pizza versus whipping out your phone for your favorite delivery app might give you a pretty good indication that you prefer a more manual process to automated. That manual versus […]

Wealth Building

What Is Wealth Advising and Why Is It Important?

What is wealth advising? At first glance, you might assume that you have to have considerable wealth in order to take advantage of wealth advising — and that can be true, but what constitutes “considerable wealth” varies greatly by firm. A Magnify Money survey revealed that 42% of Americans think financial advisors are only for […]

Wealth Building

My Money Story: Embracing My Spending Tendencies and Advocating for Financial Education

What are some money lessons you’ve learned? After college, I started a Money Club with my friends, where we explored various topics including budgeting, credit and reducing debt. I found that so many of my friends shared the story of carrying debt and building credit, while financially supporting extended family members and tirelessly saving for […]

Wealth Building

How Should Women Approach Wealth Management? A Conversation on Helping Women Succeed

The busy lives we lead today have us juggling and multitasking roles and responsibilities left, right and center. Careers, finances, friendships, family — these are just a few of the areas we balance daily. Women often bear the brunt of these responsibilities, even more so in the last few years. According to a 2021 survey […]

Wealth Building

Why Aggregate? A Powerhouse Tool to Help Transform Your Money Management

Organization is the key to success in many areas of life, and that can apply to your finances, too. When you have multiple accounts and varied financial goals, trying to get a firm grip on your financial situation can be a bit like playing whack-a-mole. Just when you pay one bill, you remember another expense […]

Wealth Building

What Are Investment Objectives and Why Do I Have to Choose One?

When you open up an account with a new robo advisor, you may need to tell your brokerage why you’re investing. The challenge: You might not always readily pinpoint why you want to invest — you just know that your dad or your eighth-grade math teacher told you it’s a good way to plan for […]

Wealth Building

Is There a Best Time to Invest?

It’s a common question, asking when is the best time to invest, but it may get you in trouble. Waiting for that perfect time to buy in might end up costing you, especially if you’re planning to invest for decades. And we all know that, for many, investing can be a key component to building […]

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