Because November is “Giving Back Month,” we’d like to help parents looking to broach the subject of charity with their kids. Here are five ways to teach them about giving back.

Start the Conversation

While talking to your kids about charity can be complicated, it is essential to start while they’re young. By doing so, you will give them the necessary context moving into adulthood. But kids are always questioning things. So be prepared for lots of “whys” alongside an occasional puzzled look. But that’s okay. You’re teaching a life lesson and may even learn something yourself.

Give Your Rationale

Explain to your kids why you support certain charities. By going through your reasoning, they will develop a clearer understanding of what’s meaningful to you. This will then help them discover favorites of their own.

Get Them Involved

Start by discussing their hobbies and interests. And with that in mind, ask them to pick a charity they would like to support. They’ll learn a lot about giving as well as themselves.

Make It Fun

By making charity something they enjoy, they’ll look forward to it. You can also make it worthwhile and fun by doing it together. For instance, when shopping for the holidays, let the kids decide which toys to give to those less fortunate. If you bring a little healthy competition into the fold, your children will want to “win” at giving back. Post each act of giving by a family member right on the kitchen refrigerator – for all to see. But don’t worry. In the end, everyone wins.

Develop a Routine

Get in the habit so it’s not out of the ordinary. Giving should be normal. Making it a part of their childhood will go a long way to achieving that. It’ll end up being fruitful for both you and them.

Ally has declared November “Giving Back Month.”  Throughout November, we’re encouraging everyone to give back to their communities and share stories of their volunteerism.

How are you planning on involving your children for “Giving Back Month?” Share your charitable comments below!