August is over, and while the official start of fall isn’t for a couple of weeks, many people are already talking about their summers in the past tense.

We want to hear from you about the best thing you did this summer. Did you take a vacation using money that you put away in an Ally account? Perhaps you tracked how much you saved in ATM fees by using an Ally debit card. Or maybe you just went surfing for the first time and want to share a picture of you riding your first wave.

Whatever it is you accomplished this summer, we want to know about it. We’re looking for pictures of your memorable summer experiences. And if Ally helped get you there, we want to know that, too. You can send us your photos by posting them to our Facebook Wall or tweeting them to us. We’ll then collect our favorites and share them with our community in a couple of weeks.

What was the best thing you did all summer? Have you already started planning great experiences for next summer?