Some workplace questions can’t be answered simply by checking the employee handbook. For instance, do you always have to give a gift when a coworker has a baby or ties the knot? How should you handle banking, doctors’ appointments and other personal matters during work hours? And what are the rules for dining out on the company credit card?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss these issues and more in our new video series, “Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition,” featuring LinkedIn’s career expert Nicole Williams, best-selling author and the founder of the career site WORKS.

In “Financial Etiquette with Randy Cohen,” we showed you how to handle everyday situations involving money. In this new installment, we’ll focus on the workplace and the potentially awkward financial situations that can arise there.

“Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition” launches this Thursday on the Ally Bank YouTube channel with new episodes premiering for the next six Thursdays thereafter. And make sure to share your own experiences on the Ally Bank Facebook and Twitter pages!

What issues do you have trouble with when it comes to money in the workplace? Do you ever worry that you’re taking advantage of your employer’s generosity?