It’s no secret that money can be one of the most discussed topics in a marriage — regardless of age. And when older or previously married couples wed, notes Psychology Today, money becomes even more of a consideration, since both parties come with assets.

For those marrying later in life, here are a few financial topics to consider:

Prenuptial Agreements

Since older people usually come to matrimony with their own property and savings (hopefully), a prenup can help the couple bypass certain problems, according to Craig Reaves, past president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, in The New York Times.

“If an older adult marries and wants to be sure that he can leave all or most of his estate to his children (or a charity, or anyone) he should…have a prenuptial agreement,” Reaves writes. “Without one, his spouse may honor his wishes after he dies but will not be legally compelled to do so.”

Retirement Benefits

Seniors need to remember that stepping into matrimony can affect retirement benefits such as Social Security, Medicaid and pension payments, according to Bankrate.

One example: Someone aged 62 or older who’s receiving Social Security survivor benefits may be entitled to an increase based on the record of their new spouse, Bankrate reports. Craig Reaves at the Times suggests seeing how the marriage might affect retirement income.

Budget Considerations

Even more so than their younger counterparts, people coming to marriage in their later years probably have a good deal more when it comes to pre-existing finances. This means the older couple may have to make more decisions in terms of who pays for what.

Some couples may choose to keep their finances separate, explains Bankrate. Or, the site notes, the couple may need to decide whether they’ll pool their money when it comes to certain expenses, such as hobbies. Bankrate cites the example of a non-golfing husband who may not want to help foot the bill for his wife’s country club dues.

To help consider all these factors, Bankrate advises older couples to seek a financial planner before walking down the aisle.

Did you get married later in life? What financial issues did you have to overcome?