When we’re in the car for long periods of time, it’s only natural to get a hankering for some local fare. If you can spare some time, there are tons of fabulous #CarLove cuisines across roadside America. Here are several of our favorite foods and cultures with nearby highways. Here’s hoping you look forward to that next pull off.

Route 66

This historic highway is all about one place: Steak ‘n Shake in Normal, Illinois.1 Nearly as old as the road itself, this flagship pit stop has been feeding hungry drivers for over 50 years.1 Why not stop off and take a bite out of history?

The Lincoln Highway

One of the first transcontinental highways, dating back to 1913, stretches over 3000 miles.2 And don’t worry – there are plenty of good eats along the way. Diners, pizza, sushi and nearly every other cuisine imaginable is somewhere along this incredibly historical route.

Highway 20

BBQ and Austin have had a long, happy marriage. There are plenty of places along the state’s many highways to please your taste buds. Highway 20 in particular has many great spots from big restaurants to tiny joints lining the road.

Car Food

Lastly, eating in the car can be precarious.3 While you need two hands to drive, passengers can eat in style. No matter where you are sitting inside the car, hot soup is a no-no, as is anything even remotely messy. When in doubt, pull over to eat.

Is there a dish you associate with a specific highway? Let us know on twitter or Facebook which. Maybe share a pic too!