Newly engaged? Saving strategies for your big day and beyond

Whether your engagement was a long time coming or a bona fide surprise, there’s plenty of excitement to go around once wedding bells are mentioned. At the height of this bustle, you’re trying to plan a major event and that comes with a lot of decisions — and potentially a lot of expenses. Getting on […]


Tips to Say ‘I Do’ Without Going Into Debt

It’s not just a fancy honeymoon trip to Bali that tips the cost of getting married from affordable to “Eek, that’s a massive bill!” With the wedding alone costing close to $34,000 on average (not including the honeymoon expenses), it’s no wonder couples feel stressed about money before and after their nuptials. In fact, according […]


Coupling Finance and Romance: Becoming a Money Team

Love is very emotional, and we do curious things under its spell. One of the peculiar things many love-struck couples do is to avoid the money conversation, yet it’s one of most important matters in a relationship. “Money is the number one topic of conflict in relationships,” says Atlanta-based financial psychologist Dr. Mary Gresham. Although […]


Behind the Scenes with Kiplinger: Wedding Gift Etiquette 101 [Video]

The height of wedding season is upon us, and the panic of choosing the perfect wedding gift that fits the couple and your budget can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple weddings to attend. Whether you’re attending the wedding of a relative, friend or co-worker, deciding how much to spend on a gift should […]


Couples Money Management: Merging Finances

Would you believe that sharing money makes couples happier? According to new research, joint investments promote and likely enhance relationship quality. The findings, published in the Journal of Family Issues, indicate that non-engaged cohabiters with joint banking have levels of relationship quality similar to engaged cohabiters. The research, carried out by PhD professors at the […]


The Dos and Don’ts of Saving on Wedding Costs

There are many more brides- and grooms-to-be now than there were a month ago.That’s because, according to Money Crashers, the majority of engagements occur around Christmas. This means that, starting in January, there’s a whole new wave of wedding planning going on. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding, though, knows that this happy event […]


Financial Etiquette: Giving the Gift of Cash [VIDEO]

When it comes to weddings, birthdays, baby showers or the holidays, cash can be a great gift. But what are the rules for giving money? And are there ever times when it’s just not a good idea? In our latest installment of “Financial Etiquette with Randy Cohen,” the author, humorist and original The New York […]


Finances To Consider if You’re Getting Married Later in Life

It’s no secret that money can be one of the most discussed topics in a marriage — regardless of age. And when older or previously married couples wed, notes Psychology Today, money becomes even more of a consideration, since both parties come with assets. For those marrying later in life, here are a few financial […]


5 Ways to Plan a Destination Wedding With Financial Sense

Whether it’s a last-minute intimate affair for next month or a long-planned extravaganza for next year, destination weddings can put a big strain on the wallet. >Plan the event with financial savvy, though, and you can make the destination wedding a value-packed occasion. Kristin Koch, senior editor at The Knot, tells us how to save […]


Golf Clubs, Computers and Wedding Dresses: Smart Purchases to Make in Winter

When it comes to making purchases in winter, you may find yourself focusing on holiday gifts. But winter provides a great opportunity to purchase a variety of items at a lower price than usual, as our latest infographic shows. 1. Wedding dresses, golf clubs and video games Consumers should shop with the knowledge that there’s […]

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