To procrastinators, April 18th is a long way off. Yet every year tax season sneaks up on them. Thankfully, there’s still time left. There’s no need to wait until the last minute again. But even with one extra day for the leap year, February remains the shortest month. The panic of April 17th is quickly approaching. So we’re here to help you avoid late payments and offer some good advice for staying on track this tax season. Because filing on time is more than a good habit. It’s a smart one too.

Why We Wait

Over four mouths feels like a long time. And for many people, it’s plenty. However, things get in the way and suddenly you’re nearing the deadline. Let’s break bad habits before they creep up on us. This year, why not commit to completing your taxes before March 18th? For many, filing an extension just means that October becomes the same mad rush April is. Best to get it over with now.

Early Bird Rewarded

If you begin filing taxes and suddenly it’s obvious that your taxes are more complicated, it’s something dealt with easily. Adding a buffer month to finish your taxes allows you some much-needed breathing room. Your accountant will thank you too.

Late Mistakes

If you’re trying to get everything in on time and it’s coming down to the wire, this is when mistakes pop up. We get careless when we’re rushed. Sure, deadlines can push some people to rise to the occasion. But during taxes, it may have the opposite affect and actually contribute to making mistakes while in a rush.

The moral of the story is don’t procrastinate. Plus, when you file in February, it makes March and April, the beginning of spring a time of not just better weather but well-deserved relief. And that is something difficult to put a price tag on.

So we have to ask: have you put off filing your taxes? Share below any stories of procrastination or tax day near misses.