If you’re still sitting on your holiday bonus, then here are a few ideas for how to spend and save wisely. You worked hard to get the bonus – so don’t spend it all at once. However, just because saving is prudent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put some of it towards a little fun. While paying off debt or adding to an existing retirement fund are always good ideas, here are four others to consider.


Spending and saving is great, but so too is giving. Although charity gets most of its press during the holidays it’s definitely a year round activity. Charitable institutions, non-profits and many people could benefit from aid at anytime. Select charities that you’d like to contribute to and put some of your bonus towards a good cause.

Saving For Vacation

It’s March and spring break is in the air. But you know what else is just around the corner? Summer! That means summer vacation. If start saving for it now, you can enhance the experience. And here’s how you can minimize spending once you’re on that dream getaway.

Fix It

Have you been tolerating a garage door that doesn’t close all the way, a finicky furnace or any other big expense? Don’t let household nuisances bother you any longer. Put that bonus towards fixing something in your home. When it’s done, it’ll be a major improvement to your daily life.

Treat Yourself

Because you received a bonus for diligence and hard work, relaxation is also in order. Treat yourself to something fun like the theater, a massage or any other lovely indulgence that speaks to you. Save some, give some and yes, spend a little too. You deserve it.

What’s your experience with spending or saving a holiday bonus? Let us know!