Summer vacation — or those oh-so-lovely days — doesn’t last forever. So why not create a bucket list of all your must-dos to ensure you can fit in everything you want to do (or close to it)? Your list might have just a few items, or it could be pages long. No matter what it looks like, just aim to include things you can realistically achieve (i.e., joining Elon Musk on a trip to Mars may not be your best bet).

When building out your list, start by breaking it into a few different categories and including things you really want to do. They can be big or small — and not everything has to cost money.

Next, plan out the places you want to go. This could be super specific, like visiting a specific cultural landmark near your house. Or you might think more generally, such as taking two-week road trip or flying to a different country.   Some examples for this category are:

  • Go to your grandparents’ house
  • Visit the lake
  • Travel to a national park
  • Explore a new neighborhood in your city

Finally, summer may be vacation season, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your goals on pause. Consider different types of goals you’d like to achieve over the next few months.  Maybe that’s …

  • Acing your mid-year review at work
  • Learning to waterski
  • Beating your best score in a video game
  • Reaching your back-to-school savings goal
  • Running a 5k

Everyone’s personal aspirations, professional ambitions and financial goals look a little different than anyone else’s. So of course, your summer to-dos probably will, too. Remember: This is all about the things that matter to you.

Save for spontaneity

 One of the best aspects of summer is the feeling of freedom — so don’t let money constraints get in the way of spontaneous adventures and activities. While some more time consuming or costly goals may require prior planning, it’s likely not all of your bucket list will be booked on the calendar. Which is why it’s a good idea to set aside some savings for the unexpected. That way, if a casual walk turns into a run-in with a sidewalk festival, you can feel good about joining in on the fun.

Ally Bank's Online Savings Account buckets feature makes it easy to save for all your summer bucket list items


Use buckets to achieve your #summergoals 

Now that you’ve begun compiling a checklist of your ultimate summer goals, it’s time to create an action plan to make them come true. One of the best ways to start is by pulling up your calendar. For bigger items like out-of-town vacations, day trips or events that require planning or making a reservation, map out when you want to do everything. That will give you a framework for the rest of your planning.

Next, start making your money work now so you can have fun later. With an Online Savings Account from Ally Bank, this is easy to do. Using the buckets feature, you can split your summer savings goals in up to 10 customizable digital envelopes.

For example, you might create a bucket for your BFFs bachelorette party, one for your family road trip, another for sailing lessons and one for your kids’ back-to-school fund. By dividing your bucket list items into savings buckets of their own, you’ll always know where you stand on saving for each individual objective.

Plus, you can set goals for each bucket. Whether you want to add a target savings amount, a specific date or both, you can track your progress and watch your money grow as you save for everything on your bucket list.

Check, check and check!

No matter what your summer has in store, writing down your personal bucket list is one of the best ways to make the most of the season. Whether you crave big travels, quiet moments outside or want to use these months to pursue professional or financial growth, there’s never been a better summer to put your “fun money” to good use and tick off your bucket list.

Save for everything on your bucket list using bucket goals. Open an Online Savings Account.