How do you want to spend 15 hours of your life? Bet it’s not shopping and standing in line. But that’s what most Americans will do this holiday season. Don’t sweat it. We’ve got some gifting hacks that’ll help you gift it right—saving you some time.

Buy one gift and call it a day

So many gifts and so little time—gifting around the holidays can get a little tricky. It’s a slippery slope once you’re in “great aunt twice removed gift territory”. And what about co-workers? Honestly, if we thought about, shopped for, and bought gifts for everyone, we’d have to quit our jobs just to make time—and we’d be broke too! So, spread holiday cheer with a group and suggest group gifting like a White Elephant Exchange or Secret Santa. That way, you’re just buying one gift instead of many—and it puts a fun spin on gifting too.

If you don’t like it, re-gift it

Let’s be real, we’ve all gotten gifts that might as well have been lumps of coal. But one man’s coal is another’s treasure. Something like that. Anyway, about 83% of Americans confess re-gifting is how they “spread the cheer.” So when Aunt Mary gifts you an essence oils starter kit that you don’t have any imaginable use for, wrap it back up and give it to your friend who loves aroma therapy. It’ll save you time—and money too.

We call it “the buy now and save for later”

It’s already the 11th hour for holiday shopping, but here’s a tip that won’t make you race against the clock next year. Whenever you’re in a store and you see something that reminds you of your friend or your family member, just buy it. Our first instinct is to think “but it’s not even the holidays for 8 more months.” We suggest buying it anyway and saving it for the perfect holiday gift.