This week on the Ally Straight Talk Blog, we’re excited to announce new products and services that will make banking with us even more convenient for you and better for your money.

Here at Ally, we are dedicated to providing an easier, better and hassle-free banking experience. Some of it’s already here: nationwide reimbursement of other banks ATM fees, 24/7 live customer care, and products with rates that are consistently among the most competitive in the country.

That’s yesterday’s work. Today’s and tomorrow’s work is to make sure we are constantly adapting to provide our customers the best banking experience. That’s what this week is all about with the launch of our new products and services. They will be highlighted, one a day, throughout the rest of this week.

Starting Wednesday –

we’ll introduce Popmoney, a simple way to pay other people, anytime. Popmoney lets you send money to anyone in the U.S. with just their email address or mobile phone number. No routing or account numbers needed.

Thursday –

we’ll highlight our new Raise Your Rate 4-Year CD. Start with a great rate, and then if our rates go up, you have the option to increase yours twice during your CD term. You now have the benefit of a long-term savings product with added flexibility.

Friday –

we’ll present Ally’s new line of IRAs. These come with many of the same benefits that make our current savings products so great. Two even give you the option to raise your rate.

Which of our new products look the most exciting to you? Is there a specific one that you’ve been waiting for?