At Ally Bank, we’re always looking for ways to give our customers the tools they need for an efficient, easy and satisfying banking experience. Recently, we brought that Ally experience to your mobile phone.

In April, we introduced Ally Mobile Banking for iPhone® and Android™ – an app that lets you find ATMs and cash-back locations near you, check your balance, view recent transactions and transfer money between your Ally Bank accounts.

We asked you to share your thoughts about Ally Mobile Banking on our Facebook and Twitter pages. A new Ally Mobile Banking user named Will had this to say on Twitter:

Ally Bank Twitter Comment- Mobile App
Later, in an email to us, Will added: “I’m looking forward to future updates that I’m sure will provide great, helpful new features. Tell everyone at Ally I said hello.”

To this, we answer: Will, you can bet we’ll be adding more great features to our mobile app. And hello yourself!

If you have yet to join Will and try mobile banking the Ally way, head to the iOS App Store SM or Google Play and search for “Ally Bank.” And whether you already have Ally Mobile Banking or expect to get it soon, keep a look out for additional updates, planned for later this year.