The Associated Press took a look at the benefits of online checking accounts and listed Ally Bank as one of the options out there. The article touches on a few benefits including our great interest rates, nationwide ATM fee reimbursements, prepaid deposit envelopes, 24/7 customer service and the end of long lines at the bank.

While some might see the burgeoning online banking movement as the beginning of a new financial era, we like to think of it as a return to the days when a bank’s primary goal was to make one’s life easier. So whether it’s our easy-to-use online bill pay, the short customer care wait times displayed on our homepage or how we’re FDIC insured to make you feel even safer with your hard-earned money, all of Ally Bank’s offerings are aimed at giving our customers a seamlessly efficient banking experience.

Of course, if you’re just interested in managing your personal finances from your living room, we certainly won’t fault you for that either.