We talked in depth with customers and listened carefully before we launched the bank last May. What we heard repeatedly was that the world didn’t need another bank. What they needed was a better bank. And that’s what we’ve been working to build; this community is a natural next step in listening to our customers.

Ally offers customer service 24/7 and any way you choose—by phone, email or online chat. We offer a complete range of customer-first products— from high interest checking accounts, online savings accounts, money market, and high yield certificates of deposit, including our No Penalty CD. When you combine rates that are among the most competitive in the country with our 24/7 customer service, we think you’ll find our value proposition to be unmatched. Plus, we provide unique benefits you just won’t find at other banks, like our Sleeping Money alerts, that tell you if your money could be earning more.

We’re ready to be held accountable to the Ally brand promises to 1) do right by the customer 2) always talk straight without asterisks and fine print and 3) to be obviously better than the competition. We want you to expect more from your bank. And if we don’t deliver—we want to be the first to hear about it so we can correct it and learn from it.

We look forward to a healthy exchange of ideas through this community and are hopeful this forum will help us generate ideas that will make us even better. Please share your thoughts. We’re definitely listening and eager to learn about how to be a better Ally.