Monthly maintenance fees. Endless phone trees. Minimum balance requirements. Inflexible interest rates. It’s no wonder so many Americans are dissatisfied with their banks. But the good thing is there are options. Ally Bank and our commitment to People Sense is one of them.

People Sense is a rejection of the banking nonsense that creates dissatisfied customers. It’s something we’ve always had, because for us, banking has always been about putting the people’s needs at the center of our products, services, and policies.

CDs That Work for You

With many CDs, you deposit your money and hope you’re getting the best rate out there. But interest rates can rise, and if the issuing bank offers a higher rate on their CDs after you open yours, you usually find yourself stuck with their lower rate. That’s why we created a line of CDs that includes a Raise Your Rate CD that allows you the option to raise your rate if ours go up. You can even set up personalized alerts that let you know when rates rise and use tools on our website that help you estimate your earnings. This type of flexibility and fairness is what People Sense is all about.

Savings Accounts That Don’t Swallow Your Money

Unfortunately, it’s not all that strange for savings accounts to come with maintenance fees and minimum balance requirements. At Ally we offer an Online Savings Account that has no monthly maintenance fees and can be opened with any amount. There are no minimum balance requirements, so you don’t have to constantly check your account in order to avoid paying a fee. Add to this the fact that it comes with a competitive interest rate and you have a savings account that makes perfect People Sense.

An IRA For Every Retirement

It’s pretty illogical the way many banks seem to offer a limited—and shockingly similar—number of options when it comes to saving for those later years, particularly when it comes to IRAs. And so many of them require a minimum balance to enroll. We created no nonsense IRAs that make saving for retirement available to practically everyone. We offer a variety of IRA products—the IRA High Yield CDs, IRA Raise Your Rate CDs, and the IRA Online Savings Account. They come with the same friendly, hassle-free benefits that our customers have come to expect from Ally Bank: consistently competitive rates, no monthly maintenance fees, and the ability to open and fund their account with any amount.

Ally Bank Makes Good People Sense

Our commitment to customer-friendly banking is our direct response to the rigid policies, nonsensical fees, and complicated fine print that so many financial institutions are known for. We know that the last thing people want when it comes to their money is anything that’s going to make it more difficult to manage, which is why People Sense comes standard with all of our products.

What aspect of our products make the most People Sense for your savings strategy? What kind of nonsense would make you leave a bank?