foundationally, Laying the groundwork for your financial future is easier with an ally. do it right.
foundationally, Laying the groundwork for your financial future is easier with an ally. do it right.

Session details.

session details.

Lindsey Bell

Ally Invest

Jackie Koski


Joy Lere

Shaping Wealth

Redefining Rich

The definition of wealth is different for everyone. It's not just the dollar in your bank account – it could be your time, freedom, power or influence. Knowing what wealth means to you is crucial when thinking about your own journey, and there can be pitfalls in getting it wrong. In this panel, you'll hear from Ally Invest's Lindsey Bell, BetterInvesting's Jackie Koski and Shaping Wealth's Joy Lere on how to define what's enough and plan your very own "rich" life.

Emily Shallal


Nicole Cope

Ally Invest

Frank Lietke

Ally Invest

Money, Priorities, and a Pandemic

COVID flipped the world and our wallets upside down. Markets soared and home prices surged, but unemployment lines grew and the wealth gap widened. Now, the way we think and talk about money has changed, and some of us are still picking up the pieces. Listen in as Ally Invest's own money experts discuss the new look of wealth and how it could impact your own investing journey.

Jaspreet Singh

Minority Mindset

Lindsey Bell

Ally Invest

Money Talks: Social Media’s Influence

Money can be an awkward topic of conversation in real life, but social media is bringing this conversation to the forefront. Money influencers have topped podcast and YouTube rankings by talking about their approach to investing and budgeting. Learn from an influencer what it took for them to gain 'influencer' status and how they believe social media can be used to benefit your financial life.

Jacqueline Howard

Ally Invest

Erika Blair McGrew

Young WallStreet Traders

Gail Perry-Mason

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Investing in Your Legacy

Your background has an impact on your journey to wealth. Oftentimes, your background may make you feel like there too many obstacles on the path to generational wealth. You aren't alone. Family, careers, future business plans, and your legacy are all at stake. There isn't a one size fits all answer, but that doesn't mean you aren't capable of taking a journey down the path of generational wealth. Learn different ways to build wealth from Erika Blair McGrew, Gail Perry-Masson, and Ally Invest's Jacqueline Howard.

Nicole Cope

Ally Invest

Brian Overby

Ally Invest

Alex Chalekian

Lake Avenue Financial

Financial Advisors: Are They Worth It?

When it comes to building wealth, the journey is as important as the destination. Life can make it tough to stick to money goals years down the road, and you need somebody you can trust to lead you down the path. But it's easier than ever to go it alone with your own research, and advisors get a bad rap these days. Listen as Ally Invest's Nicole Cope, Brian Overby, and Lake Avenue Financial’s Alex Chalekian answer your burning questions about paying for advice, and when it could make sense to take the plunge.

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digitally, financially, personally. We’re all better off with an ally.
We’re all better off with an ally.

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