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Quiz: Does my growing family need a bigger home?

What we'll cover

  • Reasons to find a bigger home

  • Cost considerations for a larger home

  • Ways to make your home fit your family

Whether you're expecting your first child or welcoming in another baby, how do you know it's the right time to move?

Most adults prioritize a larger home over other features. If you're pondering an upgrade for your growing family, this quiz is for you.

Option 1: Move

Moving your family is a big decision. If you're leaning toward sizing up, take a look at these top considerations.

Take in the big picture

Bedrooms are a factor, but they're not the only consideration. Is all of your free space not so free anymore? If your shared space is lacking and you plan to add to your family, it might be time to start the search for your next home.

ComeHome , a community-focused platform for house hunters and homeowners, can help you search for the right neighborhood for your next address.

Mind your mortgage

When considering a move, you can't overlook the costs. A financial check-in can help determine if you're ready for a move. Have you saved for a down payment ? What about closing costs ? Smart budgeting and saving can get you and your family moving toward a new, bigger home you'll love.

Option 2: Don't move

A new house isn't the only option if your family is tight on space. You can help make your space work for your growing family with these tips.

Share the love

We all like our own space, but remember, siblings have shared rooms since the dawn of time. If your kids are sharing bedrooms, try to find other ways to give them an area that's just theirs. It could be a craft corner in the family room or a special reading chair. Then, as your kids get older, you may need more space.

Find room to grow

If you're not ready to move or don't want to, take a closer look at your current home for opportunities to grow. Maybe it's turning an office into a bedroom or repurposing part of your basement. You could upgrade your backyard to create another living space outdoors. Or, if you have room on your property and in your budget, an expansion might be the solution.

Find your just-right

When it comes to what works for your family, you're the expert. As your household grows, find a home that can expand right alongside you and keep pace with your financial goals.

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