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Quiz: Ready to move in together? 5 signs the answer is yes

What we'll cover

  • Signs you're ready to live with your significant other

  • What to consider before moving in together

  • How to make sure cohabitation is the right decision

First comes love. Then comes a drawer at your significant other's place. Then comes a moving truck? Deciding to move in together is a big decision for a couple. How do you know if you're truly ready to share a home? Start with our quiz, then read on to find out what signs may mean you're both ready to make the move.

How to know it's time to take the next step

It's more than just convenience

Sure, sharing the rent and bills cuts down on expenses. And once you live together, you won't have to stop at home to feed the cats before sleeping over. But it's important to have motivations beyond the practical.

Ask yourselves these questions before making the move:

  • Do you see a future with your significant other?

  • Are you on the same page about on pets, marriage, kids, etc.?

  • Are you truly ready to share your home with them?

Your communication is on point

It sounds cliché, but open communication truly is key to a successful partnership. If you find it difficult to approach your significant other about difficult topics, cohabitation will likely only intensify these issues.

You each need to be open and honest with each other about your expectations (i.e. How long is too long for dirty dishes to sit in the sink?) and be comfortable hashing it out when you disagree. For instance, how will you compromise if you love entertaining but your significant other prefers solitude in their home?

Money isn't a taboo topic

Many couples find it difficult to talk about finances, but it's incredibly important to discuss . If you're considering living together, be open and honest about your money situation. That includes debts and expenses, as well as assets and savings. There's no one right way to manage money as a couple, but together you can find the strategy that works for you. Before you officially share a set of keys, discuss what you're new shared budget could look like to help paint the full picture.

You know and accept each other's lifestyles and habits

While there's no rule about the minimum amount of time you should date before cohabitating, the better you know your partner, the smoother the transition can be. If you often spend the night at each other's place and have traveled together, you're getting a preview of what living together will look like. You can look at these experiences as a trial run and talk about any issues that come up.

If you're considering living together, it's time to be open and honest about your finances.

You're on the same page about your relationship and the future

Before you share a home, make sure you're in agreement about the commitment. Is marriage in your future? What about children? Everyone's relationship and timeline is different, but you should talk with your partner about what you both want in the years ahead. Not everyone wants the same things out of life — and that's OK! But it's important to check in with each other about major expectations, and relationship and life goals.

Cohabitate with confidence

Living together is a big change for a couple. How do you know when the time is right? Before you make this major move, evaluate your relationship to see if you're really ready to share a home.

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