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Plans gone wrong? How to pivot on vacation

What we'll cover

  • What to do when vacation plans fall through

  • How to budget for travel changes

  • Tips for staying flexible on vacation

Your cooler is packed, SPF 50 applied — you are ready for a full day of fun at the beach. Cue the torrential downpour.

Regardless of how well you planned for your trip, snags like this are bound to happen - but that should not keep you from enjoying your vacation. With a little creativity and smart budgeting to match, you can find the silver lining when vacation days don't go according to plan.

Expand your horizons

Whether you're headed to the seaside or your favorite urban getaway, most destinations offer a multitude of new places to explore. So, if your beach day gets called off on account of rain, consider scoping out the local restaurant scene or getting in some retail therapy (the perfect time to pick up some souvenirs).

Plan for the best, but map out a few alternatives just in case. Think through other activities you and your crew like to do and have them on the back burner just in case.

Too cold for that double-decker bus tour? Pick a museum to soak in the art scene or learn more about the area's history. Or find a local theater where you can catch a show. Immersing yourself in the culture can turn a change of plans into a new adventure.

Want to feel even more prepared? Take this quiz to figure out your vacation personality with a pivot plan to match.

Make the most of quality time

A change of plans doesn't have to bust your vacation budget . Just spending time with your travel companions can make for the perfect getaway.

If you're able, bring along activities you know you'll all enjoy, no matter the weather. Poolside plans spoiled by the weather could become an equally relaxing spa day. A washed-out camping trip might transform into an epic indoor game day you talk about for years to come.

As you map out expenses for your next trip, include a little extra for those unknowns.

Stay flexible

A resilient vacation is about more than your outlook. Building a vacation budget that accounts for those unexpected pivots can ensure you don't return from a getaway with a sunburn and an overdrawn account.

As you map out expenses for your next trip, include a little extra for those unknowns — whether it's a shift in your initial plans or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you just can't pass up.

Boost your vacation savings with Ally Bank Saving Buckets . This smart saving tool lets you automatically set aside funds for specific savings goals like your next getaway. Just be sure to include your buffer amount in your savings target!

Embrace the adventure

Spoiler alert: Something always goes wrong on vacation. Whether it's that swimsuit you forgot to pack or accidentally booking a reservation for a month later than intended, it's inevitable. Should something go wrong, remember that uncharted travel moments tend to make for excellent vacation memories.

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