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25 items Glamour editors always pack when they travel

When it comes to packing, it’s safe to say that nobody does it better than editors. For starters, “edit” is literally part of their job title. Who better to decide what should and shouldn’t go into a suitcase? 

That’s not the only reason editors make great packers, though. Their jobs train them for this. Typically, their work trips are the exact opposite of cushy and relaxing. Fashion-week days stretch well past midnight and require multiple changes of footwear. Trade shows require clocking 24,000 steps across Las Vegas conference-center floors then networking at a nightclub. Editors must strategically pack comfortable clothing and shoes that can multitask and shape-shift. And pretty much all of them are holding onto some lost-luggage trauma, so there’s also pressure to go carry-on only.

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Finally, there’s the fact that editors spend so much time combing through products to ID what’s worth covering. They’re picky, they’re demanding and they’re also up on all the best expert travel tips . All of this begs one big question: What do editors deem useful enough to occupy precious suitcase space ? In the interest of upgrading our own travel game, we decided to ask that exact question. Here are 25 items editors say they never travel without.

1. Collapsible water bottle - less wasteful than buying bottled water after you get through security, spill-proof and way more portable than the other water bottles that are trending these days

2. Silk eye mask - helps you grab a power nap when you have the chance, but won’t leave creases on your skin (don’t bring one with soothing beads in it—these get flagged by TSA)

3. Tweezers - because those hotel magnifying mirrors are killer (avoid the super-pointy kind, which, again, might get flagged by airport security in your carry-on)

4. A swimsuit - “Every trip I haven't packed a swimsuit for, I have wished that I had one,” one editor told us. “You never know when your hotel will have a pool, when your plans will change, when you’ll end up in a hot tub. Even in the height of winter. Even if you’re traveling for a serious reason. Always pack the swimsuit.”

5. Disinfectant wipes - why trust that hotel-room surfaces or airplane flip-down tables are clean when you can guarantee it?

6. Collapsible duffle - to haul souvenirs and impulse purchases home

7. Alcohol swabs - make like a health editor and hold one under your nose to nix nausea during cab or plane rides

8. Coffee and tea bags - “I pack good stuff so I never have to drink another crap hotel or airline coffee or tea ever again. Everyone has hot water,” a food editor said

9. Hair towel - an ultra-thin one takes up no suitcase space and dries hair more efficiently and gently than bleached hotel towels

10. Good fragrance-free hand cream - one in the carry-on, one in the purse, to offset excessive handwashing during travel

11. No-spill cuticle oil - to prevent ragged cuticles caused by shifts in climate and water quality

12. Photocopies of insurance card and ID - because pickpocketing and your own flakiness are real

13. Immunity-boosting water tablets - extra insurance when you're in close quarters and meeting new people—plus, they taste good so maybe you’ll stay more hydrated

14. Extra contacts - one thing you really don’t want to be caught without

15. Wine- or bottle-opener keychain - for enjoying a drink in your hotel room after a long day

16. Skincare samples from the Duty Free shop - treat yourself to minis of the fancy stuff, then use it to hydrate skin in flight

17. A "bedside table bag" - “It’s a small bag with my medication, lip balm, sleep mask, hand lotion and phone charger,” an editor said. “I used to pack those items separately, but getting ready for bed while away from home was so annoying because I had to hunt around to find each of those things. Now they're all in one place and it's great.”

18. Nasal congestion spray - a spritz before takeoff eases sinus/ear pressure and pain. Some editors pack gas pills too, because being up in the air seems to cause bloating

19. Balm stick - a travel-friendly stick of balm is the ultimate beauty multitasker; use it on lips, hands, dry face patches, even as an eye-makeup remover

20. Lacrosse ball - a cheap and packable tool for rolling out achy feet and muscles

21. Travel power/USB strip - charge multiple devices even when outlets are hard to find

22. Stain towelettes - another must when you’re out of your laundry routine

23. Mini carabiners - “I always seem to use these, to clip something to my bag, hang some item somewhere, secure something,” one editor said. 

24. Portable power bank - because one knows not to trust one’s built-in phone battery

25. Noise-canceling earbuds - the no. 1 sanity-saver when hotel doors are slamming or you’re seated adjacent to a bachelorette party on the plane

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