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7 things to do when you're back from your trip

What we'll cover

  • What to do after a trip

  • How to ease the transition

  • Strategies to resume your routine

Looking forward to sleeping in your own bed again but dreading the end of your getaway? After an awesome vacation, it can be tough to get back into the swing of things. Follow these steps to ease your transition back to everyday life.

1. Assess your finances

Take a close look at your bank account and credit card statements to ensure all charges from your trip are valid and accurate. Now is also a good time to track how much you spent compared to your vacation budget. Analyze your spending to identify any areas where your expenses were higher than you expected.

If your travels cost more than you planned, don't panic. Make a plan to start paying down your debt . Sure, this task can be a bit tedious, but use it as a learning experience so you can be better financially prepared for your next trip.

2. Unpack

Travel can be tiring, so it's tempting to live out of your suitcase even once you return home. But getting this essential chore out of the way will help ease your transition back to reality. If you're dreading it, try spreading it out over a few hours (or at most, a couple of days). Put away all your toiletries first so you don't have to dig around for your toothbrush or makeup bag when you're headed back to work the next day.

If your trip cost more than you planned, don't panic. Make a plan to start paying down your debt

3. Beat the post-vacation blues

It's time to face your inbox and make dinner, but all you can think about is the sound of crashing waves and that incredible meal you had on the last night of your trip.

Do some planning before you leave to make life easier when you return. This could look like prepping a freezer meal so you don't have to grocery shop and cook right away. If possible, give yourself a buffer day between when you get home and your return to work so you can decompress and get organized.

4. Start saving

Planning for your next travel getaway is just one more way to ease the transition from vacation mode to reality. Even if you don't have your next destination in mind, begin stashing away cash. The buckets and boosters in our Savings Account can help take your vacation fund to the next level.

5. Practice self-care

Hopefully you feel refreshed and recharged when you return from your vacation. Don't deplete your battery by doing too much too soon. Get plenty of sleep and ease back into your routine. Eat some nourishing and simple meals, and get some exercise too.

Now is not the time to throw a big party or tackle a major home renovation project. Enjoy a little vacation from your vacation and take some time to plan ahead before you move on to your next project.

6. Catch up on what you missed

Go through your mail, including your email inbox, and prioritize it from most to least important. Throw out junk mail, and make sure you pay any bills that arrived while you were away. Scan your email for any items you must respond to right away and empty your spam folder.

7. Reassess your priorities

Vacations provide a break from everyday life, including those things you deem as important. But that time away can provide you the opportunity to evaluate what brings you joy and what doesn't.

Did you come home to a full library of content and find you didn't miss your favorite shows as much as you thought? Maybe you can cut cable or a streaming service and redirect that money toward your vacation bucket. Reflect on your trip and use your learnings to make necessary changes.

Travel transition made easy

No one looks forward to the end of vacation, but you can make a plan for a successful return. Get organized, don't overdo it and before you know it, you'll be planning your next trip .

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