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Partnering to Drive Transformation – 2nd Annual Ally Technology Partner Awards

For the second year in a row, Ally is proud to recognize companies who have provided unparalleled partnerships to advance our technology strategy and business outcomes. Identifying strong partnership opportunities and then developing and fostering them is one way we accelerate innovation and transformation initiatives.  

When we use the term “technology partner” we simply mean the third-party technology suppliers or vendors that provide products or services to Ally. We substitute the term “supplier” or “vendor” with “partner” to emphasize the important role they play in our technology ecosystem.

The Technology Partner program is an opportunity to pause, celebrate the collective success and individual achievement because of these partnerships. Outlined below is our high-level approach to the recognition program and the 2024 winners.  

Recognition Program

Over a seven-month process, leaders across Ally’s Technology organization, in partnership with corporate enterprise partners, solicit, evaluate, and identify the top technology partners who have excelled in their space to advance Ally’s strategic objectives over the last year. 

  1. Define Eligible Partner Suppliers. Like most large organizations, Ally works with a variety of suppliers. Eligibility requirements are an opportunity to help initially narrow down suppliers who are in the strongest position to showcase the impact they’ve made over the last year and highlight further partnership opportunities. Creating a baseline scorecard around tenure, spend, and standing are the key components to help shape a strong list of initial suppliers to target for responses.

  2. Define Success. Below are Ally’s current award categories and definitions.

    • Technology Partner of the Year: Suppliers who demonstrate excellence in multiple strategic areas and whose partnership has advanced the operations, business, and/or culture of Ally.   

    • Technology Peace of Mind: Suppliers who demonstrate excellence in security and data privacy and strive to deliver industry leading protection for Ally and our customers. 

    • Technology Operational Excellence: Suppliers who strive for lean, automated, and streamlined business models that drive simplified and resilient solutions for Ally and our customers. 

    • Technology Velocity with Quality: Suppliers who demonstrate excellent speed to market, responsiveness and flexibility allowing Ally to deliver value to customers quickly. 

    • Technology Disruptor: Suppliers who are leading disruptors in the market and are providing outstanding support to Ally in transformation and innovation initiatives. 

    • The categories are derived from our overall strategy and used to create a baseline set of questions. Partners then provide detailed responses for consideration. A partner must submit to at least one category to be in consideration for the “Technology Partner of the Year” award. 

  3. Effectively Evaluate & Execute. Executive sponsors are identified for each category and, as experts in the respective category’s space and associated vendor, a representative from the applicable sponsor team leads the evaluation of submissions. Once down selected, the top submissions are provided to an executive committee for final deliberation. Running this type of program takes a high-degree of internal cross-collaboration to bring each phase to life. Every internal partnership – from marketing to legal to delivery – must be as cared for as the external partnerships themselves.

Being able to run this type of program creates more internal awareness of the value of these types of relationships and their need on an ongoing basis for long-term business success. Additionally, as the only financial services organization currently running this type of program, it provides the award-winning partners with an opportunity for external, well-deserved recognition. 

Award Winners 

Congratulations to our 2024 award winners! “Each of you here today are best-in-class and, not only is our technology organization better for your contributions, Ally is as a whole.” – Sathish Muthukrishnan, Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer, during Ally’s second annual Technology Partner Awards ceremony, recognizing our top suppliers for going above and beyond to make meaningful and transformative experiences for Ally and our customers. 

  • Technology Partner of the Year – Brooksource  

  • Technology Peace of Mind – Delphix  

  • Technology Operational Excellence – GitLab 

  • Technology Velocity with Quality – Dynatrace 

  • Technology Disruptor – Snowflake 

For more information about the Ally Supplier Program, please visit our Supplier Diversity and Sustainability site. 

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