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Recognizing Delivery in Ecosystem: Ally Technology Partner Awards

Congratulations to the award winners and thank you for demonstrating the importance of Allyship and for Doing It Right!

At Ally, we recognize that our success is also dependent on our relationships with technology suppliers. Third-party technology products are found throughout our tech ecosystem, and we work with specialized service providers to access new technology and scarce skillsets at scale. As the largest all-digital bank and industry leading auto finance business, our technology ecosystem is designed for agility, innovation, and security to create a superior customer experience and have a positive impact on our communities. Our relationships with these specialized technology companies are critical to achieving our goals.

When we use the term “technology partner” we simply mean the third-party technology suppliers or vendors that provide products or services to Ally. We substitute the term “supplier” or “vendor” with “partner” to emphasize the important role they play in our tech ecosystem.

To celebrate these relationships, and to show our appreciation for their relentless focus on success, we launched the Ally Technology Partner Awards programThis program provides an opportunity for Ally to recognize the technology partners that are delivering outstanding performance. The awards program is also a platform for partners to showcase how their contributions are making a difference at Ally.

During the first-ever Ally Technology Partner Awards event, held in late March, Ally highlighted five technology partners that delivered outstanding service across a broad array of tech criteria while aligning to Ally’s core values. Companies were recognized among four key categories, focusing on operational excellence, security and data privacy, speed to market and disruptive innovation, with one supplier being named Technology Partner of the Year.

“We launched our first annual Ally Technology Partner awards to recognize the critical vendor partners that contribute to our success, and we are blown away by the overwhelming interest,” said Sathish Muthukrishnan, Ally chief information, data & digital officer. “Each winner showcases the importance and value of superior execution, quality, and partnership. We are thrilled to honor them through this awards program.”

photo: Ally's Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer, Sathish Muthukrishnan, takes a selfie with attendees at the 2023 Ally Tech Partner Awards.

Operational Excellence: Awarded to the partner that best delivers lean, automated, and streamlined business models that drive simplified and resilient solutions for Ally and its customers. Winner: Red Hat

Peace of Mind: Awarded to the partner that best demonstrates excellence in security and data privacy. This partner strives to deliver industry leading protection for Ally and its customers. Winner: Salt Security

Velocity with Quality: Awarded to the partner that best demonstrates excellent speed to market, responsiveness, and flexibility, allowing Ally to deliver value to customers quickly. Winner: GitLab

Disruptor: Awarded to the partner that is a disruptor in the market and is providing outstanding support to Ally in transformation and innovative initiatives. Winner: DataWalk

Partner of the Year: Awarded to the partner that demonstrates overall excellence across multiple performance measures. Winner: Re-Source Partners

photo: Five trophies sit on a table covered with a purple Ally tablecloth and "Do it right" soccer scarf placed in front of the awards. The five categories were Operational Excellence, Peace of Mind, Velocity with Quality, Disruptor, and Partner of the Year.

The 2023 Technology Partner of the Year proves that a company doesn’t have to be big to have a big impact. Re-Source Partners shows their commitment to delivering quality solutions with every interaction, and consistent focus on customers and community. This alignment of core values is critical for the success of the Ally technology ecosystem.

Ally is committed to delivering a customer centered experience driven by sound analysis and a relentless focus on outcomes. We prioritize technology supplier partners who share our company values, which are reflected in thoughtful attention to company culture. In today’s complex and dynamic environment, everyone must work in a deliberate and coordinated fashion to cultivate and support a culture of excellence and agility. Our technology partners share these core values, and through this connection we continue to build innovative solutions for our customers.

At Ally, our commitment to quality, integrity and innovation is something we take seriously. By prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing support through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and approaching challenges with an owner’s mindset, we demonstrate our thoughtful approach to building a culture of collaboration. Technology partner alignment with these values allows us to have a positive impact on our customers and the communities we serve.

Thank You!

We are grateful for all our technology partners, and we are excited to have a platform to show our appreciation for their dedication, innovation, and commitment to quality. Great culture doesn’t happen by mistake, and our partnerships reflect Ally’s passion for delivering the highest level and “Doing it Right”.

For more information about the Ally Supplier Program, please visit:

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